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Column Posted by Dominic on 11:02:25 PM Jul 17, 2011

Money of the Bank thoughts

So I didn’t watch Money in the Bank. I read the spoilers and figured out a way to watch the end of the Punk/Cena match. Here are my thoughts on the PPV.


I don’t think that ANYONE saw this happening this way. CM Punk actually wins the title…and doesn’t lose it? Where do we go from here? I can see a couple of scenarios taking place here.

Obviously CM Punk really has resigned with WWE and they execute a storyline to keep him there(hopefully they don’t screw it up).
CM Punk leaves…does defend his title in ROH or some other organization thus signaling that WWE has purchased said Organization. This leads to John Cena going on a mission to get his job and the WWE title back by joining ROH or whatever organization. (I Think someone has put forth a scenario like this already so none of this is original).

I think WWE did the right thing with not letting Alberto Del Rio win the Title. That would have been the obvious and predictable thing to do. Having Punk deck Del Rio and book was a good way to end. This is the first PPV I’ve heard of in a while that was interesting.

Other thoughts:

I’m glad Christian is champion and I understand that it is better for a heel to not win clean, but I think Christian deserves a clean win. Oh well, I’m still glad he’s the champ and hopefully for more than a few days.

I’m going on record right now and saying: Daniel Bryan will be the first person to cash in his Money in the Bank shot and LOSE. I was super surprised that he won, and I feel like since his return, the WWE has pooped on him. His push has been red reels, and I hope I’m wrong as he is phenomenal. Did anyone else see Bryan winning the briefcase?

Was anyone surprised that Del Rio won his?

I hope the WWE doesn’t screw this CM Punk thing up, it’s the best thing going right now.

I was going to post a proper column, but after seeing this, I just had to post a little bit on the PPV

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