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 This is fun again!
Column Posted by Memphismerlin on 10:07:02 PM Aug 11, 2011

I've been watching both WWE and TNA lately and I've been really pleased. I don't want to go overboard but it is starting to feel a little like the good old days. Now before you start thinking that I'm nuts, here me out.

I'll tackle TNA first. 

The tag team division reminds me of WCW before the great teams like the Steiner Brothers and Harlem Heat broke up. Plus with the American, Mexican, British angle you get the classic national feuds that have been used time and time again but when done right never gets old. Plus they actually push their tag division with same amount of importance as their other divisions. The only problem I see is TNA being able to hold on to their teams, especially Beer Money. The WWE is seemingly trying to rebuild their tag division and I don't see Beer Money passing on the payday.

The Knockout division is actually fun to watch. These ladies can wrestle and most are nice to look at. This is what a women's division is supposed to be. The only question I have is why in the world did the WWE let so many of these women go?

The BFG tournament is a stroke of genius. They are not only building a PPV months in advance but they are also building other feuds and are taking some characters, like Joe, in a different direction. I will actually be surprised if we don't see the WWE try something similar in the near future.

The vaunted X Division. Finally they are pushing it again. This is what helped put TNA on the map and I have no idea why they abandoned it. Their twist on the cruiserweight division is still innovative. With Abyss and Joe in the division they have taken the giants to the little guys. This, I believe, is the reason that TNA can have smaller superstars and champions without having the problems that the WWE does.

The Immortal, Fortune, Sting, Angle, Dixie Carter angle has a great upside if they continue to push it right. This angle can actually fix a lot of the problems that Eric and Hulk have caused by the control of the company reverting back to Dixie. Plus the factions don't have to go away and can continue to evolve and feud. Sting says he will retire once he gets the company back into Dixie's hands and if that does happen that is a cool way for one of the greats to go out. This has also been a good way to capitalize on the limited air time they have but yet still give a bunch of their bigger names face time. The down side is allowing this angle to revert into a rerun of the Four Horseman, NWO, DX, The Corporation, or any other faction take over story that has happened before. Also, they have to be careful with the transfer of power back to Dixie and make sure that they have believable story lines for the Immortal members that stay. The last thing that they need is for Dixie to get the company back and not have a good story on why she does not fire Eric on the spot.

And last but not least, the new talent. Crimson, Gunner, and Matt Morgan. Now I know Morgan been their for a few years now but he is still relatively new. These three guys look to be the future of the business. Hopefully TNA continues to grow their characters correctly and are able to hold onto them once their contracts are up.

Overall, TNA is putting out a really good product right now. Hopefully they can continue and have more people sit up and take notice.

Now on to the WWE.

Their tag team division sucks. But, at least they are trying. And the word is that HHH wants to rebuild it. Their best chance for this is to do a Nitro style invasion with Beer Money if they can get them. If they can and have some success with some of their new teams, maybe they will finally get a tag division that is not made up of comedy duos or the merging of two guys that they just don't know what to do with. And as I said, at least they are trying.

The Diva division has seemed to have started to make a turn for the better. With Beth and Natalia wanting to put an end to the booty shaking and powder puff crap that we have been subjected to, maybe, just maybe they will have a women's division worth of paying attention to. Plus Karma will be back in less than a year now and she could really shake things up.

Their younger talent is finally getting the push it deserves. Truth, Morrison, Dolph, Rhodes, and even Alex Riley. It's been fun seeing new faces fighting each other and the established stars. Hopefully the WWE has realized that we are tiered of seeing the same main event at every PPV for months on end.

The WWE has seemed to have given up on factions. Thank you. You suck at it. That really surprises me considering they are the ones that gave us DX, The Ministry, The Corporation, and the Hart Foundation. So unless you suddenly remember how to correctly push a stable, keep the Nexus dead.

And finally, the realism. Every Monday I worry that they are going to screw this up and so far I have been wrong. The Punk, Cena, HHH angle is the best thing out of the WWE since the height of the Rock and Austin era. The contract signing segment last week was awesome. The fact that we have to wonder how much of what is said is a shoot and how much is not is awesome. Not knowing how the PPV is going to turn out awesome. Hell, I'm starting to sound like the Miz but I can't find a better word to describe it. And to top it off they are starting to move other stories into the realistic realm. I've even noticed the in ring product is coming off as being more realistic. Just look at the Christian/Orton match and the Show/Henry match from MITB. If the WWE doesn't watch out, they might see a ratings boost similar to the Attitude era.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is fun to be wrestling fan again. Thanks for reading and as always I would love to know what you think.

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