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Column Posted by Kyle Bowman on 4:28:42 PM Aug 12, 2011

Lance Storm: “Seriously… Talented”
By: Kyle Bowman

Lance Timothy Evers, is also known as Lance Storm and is one of the most athletic and entertainers in history. Like Lance, “If I can be serious for a minute” an also add that he is a well-accomplished wrestlers in the history of the sport.

Storm was born April 3rd, 1969, and made his professional wrestling debut on October 2nd, 1990. Lance Storm has wrestled in many different and hard-hitting promotions. He was also trained by the late legendary trainer Stu Hart, who is the father of Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Lance also met fellow superstar, and current WWE star Chris Jericho during those sessions. In fast-forwarding a little bit, Jericho and Storm became a tag team twice, once known as the Thrillseekers. Oddly enough, his first match ever was against Chris Jericho, and would also have many more together, both as partners and opponents.

Most people would assume that he resides and was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada; but Storm moved to there in July of 1990, from his original birthplace Sarnia Canada, a part of Ontario. Storm started his career traveling the coasts of Canada and the Independent scene there as well. He bounced around in the independents until settling at this time in a promotion known as Stampede Wrestling, owned by his trainer; Stu Hart.

Storm is also quite the traveler in his career, between wrestling in Japan, Lebanon and Europe promotions in wrestling. The two most notable Japan promotions are FMW, and WAR that most die-hard fans are most familiar with. The other and third Japanese promotion Storm has wrestled for is CWA Catch in 1993. His employers there respectively are Otto Wanz through a contact in Calgary known as Tokyo Joe Diago. The other employer is also a wrestler who appeared in the WWF 1994 Royal Rumble. His name is Genichro Tenryu, and was one of the last entrants before being eliminated by Lex Luger and Bret Hart.

Storm moved on to the real ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1997. Through contacts and correspondence, who were fellow wrestler, and Impact Player’s partner in ECW Justin Credible, aka. Peter Polaco. Following the introductions, Storm ended up meeting and hired by then ECW owner, Paul Heyman. He wrestled in ECW and won tag team championships and the TV title at one point as well. Storm, was a part of the Impact Players and an original member of the Triple Threat faction. His managers in ECW were Francine Fournier, who is best known for her being a valet to “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. The other manager is former WWE Diva, Dawn Marie-Psalatis also known as Dawn Marie.

Storm is an underrated superstar whose talents and ability should’ve given him the biggest push in his career, leading to a World Title. Yes, Storm is a former WCW titleholder, but of the United States, Cruiserweight and Hardcore Title. These titles were rechristened by Storm and known collectively as the Canadian Heavyweight Championship, The Saskatchewon Hardcore championship and then the 100 kilograms and Under title. This accomplishment is not of shame in any way, but some fans will remember the booking decisions and parameters of WCW. Later on, fans will remember how he was booked after the initial buzz wore off, and how he ended up losing those titles. Given his work-rate and believability in the ring, he should’ve won the WCW title, and would’ve been a credible champion.

Lance Storm is also the first wrestler to “invade” the WWF, during the Invasion storyline. This storyline was post-fatality, regarding the demise of WCW for real in March 2001. He showed up on Nitro and interfered in a Goldust-Bradshaw matchup, and super kicking both of them, before high-tailing it to the arena back. Fans will remember that the purchase of WCW was held up, and allowed Vince McMahon to purchase this, severing ties with TV deal to Viacom. This purchase was tied into the inter-broadcast on March 26th 2001, billed as the season finale of Nitro.

Furthermore, in 2001, the WWF was still titled this before changing their name in 2002, following a lawsuit from the World Wildlife Fund. Storm is also the first person to win official WWF gold in a match, defeating Albert for the Intercontinental Title, before losing it to Edge at Summerslam 2001. As most fans may remember, Mike Awesome was also a first, in winning WWF gold as a “WCW” superstar, defeating Rhino in a hardcore match. Storm and Awesome also knew each other from days in Japan, as well as ECW. They would form a tag team together, and merged with other anti-WWF wrestlers to form “The Alliance.”
Post “Alliance”, Storm formed the UnAmericans, a Canadian contingent with Christian, and William Regal, both men who are currently wrestling for WWE under the ECW brand. In addition, the late Andrew “Test” Martin was also a part of this group. These four men won tag team titles, and individually held singles titles as well. This group worked well and was successful heels, but when it was time to break them up, there was a bit of being lost, or a flounding period for a time.

During the early WWE new stages, Storm was still a part of the company, but things were changing. Despite being a tag team, Intercontinental and Hardcore champion; the perception and style of WWE was shifting to how much charisma a wrestler had. It became more important of how well they could make a crowd, pop and react due to their persona. Storm is a straight-forward and gritty wrestlers who puts on awesome quality matches. WWE deemed seemingly that this wasn’t to be a focal point anymore and decided to change Storm. The WWE hierarchy struggled to find him a gimmick, when they should’ve just let him wrestle, book him appropriately and let his ability speak for him.
In late 2003, to early 2004, they decided to pair up Storm with partners such as Val Venis, (Sean Morley), Christian (Jay Reso) and William Regal (Darren Mathews). Collectively, he has won gold with all three partners, but most could tell that persona-wise, he was struggling. This is strange because his quality matches and work-rate are through the roof, and was getting a definite reaction as a heel/villain. Honestly, through no fault from or by Lance’s, his career started to stagnate, due to the changes within WWE. Upon the dissentions of each teams, Storm was back being a singles star, but didn’t win gold since the respective break-ups. He wrestled in the mid-card against the likes of Matt Hardy and Steven Richards, while trying not to be “boring.”
In the last years of his WWE career, he was labeled by Steve Austin in a gimmick story line as Boring. This is wrong, because it killed his aura as a serious but legit wrestler. WWE continued to compartmentalize their changes and emphasize gimmicks through a persona or charisma of their superstars, rather than work rate and serious ability in the ring. This story line also grew Lance to fictitiously show an abundance of emotion, and also start dancing upon victories. This “version” of Storm was the last in his WWE tenure, and most gladly has forgotten this charade of a bad gimmick to an awesome wrestler.

Storm received his WWE release when nothing essentially more was being done with him. He later found work as a WWE road agent for a period of time. Following this, he returned to OVW, as a trainer with Al Snow. This league is now defunct, and was a developmental league to WWE. In OVW’s place is Florida Championship Wrestling, a current WWE developmental hot-bed. In June 2005, he returned to the initial ECW pay per view titled One Night Stand, the original version. He wrestled and won against old foe and tag team partner Chris Jericho. It was the opening match on the card and didn’t disappoint. Since then, he has done some work for Ring of Honor, an Independent league emphasizing wrestling, and currently known as the “Big three” in wrestling promotions.

In short, WWE had a great talent, and used it properly up to a point. Instead of continuing great build up, hype and promos for Storm as a wrestler, they changed him. This theory didn’t work for Storm who will always be over for his ability and knack for great matches. He is a legend in this sport, but WWE decided to kill his career, after the novelty of him wore off.

In conclusion, Storm is an underrated and sometimes unappreciated wrestler to the mass media. But for those die-hards who know him and his work ethic will always hold Lance in high accord. True wrestling fans will appreciate Storm and his career.

For further information, check out www.stormwrestling.com, about any other information on Lance Storm and his career. WWE.com’s alumni section also has news about Lance. In addition, visit www.ringofhonor.com to find appearances and matches with Lance Storm.

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