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 Winters' Storm-Night of Champions Thoughts
Column Posted by Trev Winters on 9:03:29 PM Sep 19, 2011

As much as I want to complain about the PPV last night and what happened, I will just let my article speak for itself…oh and what happened to all those new columnists that were tearing up this site not so long ago? Did ya figure out that trying to write about pro wrestling is getting to be a pain in the rear end already? I had thought this was heading in the right direction as far as new talent is concerned, but like the WWE, the new talent isn’t quite getting it. If you don’t know what I mean, then you don’t need to be on this site writing the column. So now onto Night of Champions and my thoughts on it….

First off, I will get this out of the way….Cena being champ is no real surprise to me. The writers have know exactly what they are heading into, so they decided to pull the title off of Del Rio. Come October when the WWE goes to Mexico, don’t be too surprised if Del Rio wins the belt, then loses it, then wins it, then loses it…. well you get the point. In the end, on television it will be John Cena as champ. Why you ask? Lets see, can you look into your crystal ball and say, “Wrestlemania?” You may think it’s too soon for that, but in reality we aren’t that far away from Survivor Series and then Rumble and then the grand daddy of them all, WM. Del Rio will have his rematches and such, but don’t look to have him be champ for long if at all again.

Speaking of champ, Mark Henry now has a title to call his own. There was no other way for him to go except this title. They have been building him as the unstoppable force for months now and to have him get the World Heavyweight title was the only way to go. I have never been really too high on Henry I still feel that way. Just because he has the Heavyweight belt, doesn’t mean anything to me. The titles don’t mean much of anything anyways. They haven’t meant much for a long time. It’s an okay move for him to have the title, I guess after his nearly 15 and a half years of being in the WWE, it was about time he got something out of his contract. He only has like two moves at most (but then again, Cena is the same way) I will say that this run has helped him more then ever in his career. Guess it’s better late than never. But I will still say he won’t have this title very long, just like everything else that has come along in his career.

Dolph Ziggler retained his title in the fatal four way which I have to say was a pretty good match. Have to say the athleticism of the participants was way above par and wasn’t a waste to watch. Each entertainer was out to show the fans they wanted a show that they wouldn’t soon forget and aside from Vickie Guerrero being there, it was a match that was one that could be construed the match of the night.

Then we have Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix, much as I want to say it was a good one, I can’t. So what else is new in this division. It’s too bad Awesome Kong (yes I know the WWE named her Kharma) is out for such a long time because this division just sucks.

We then come to the other end of the spectrum and there is Air Boom going against Miz and Truth for the WWE Tag Team title. I want this division to turn into what it once was in the late 80’s, will this be possible? With Boom as the champs, I would like to think so, but one team doesn’t mean the division will bust out. It needs a make over for sure and it has needed one for a long time. I wish the Powers that Be would see this. They kind of do, but it just isn’t enough.

No surprise that Cody Rhodes is still the IC champ. I don’t see Dibiase coming out of his funk. He also has the charisma of a rock. He is definitely not his father’s son.

I now come to the main event of the night HHH versus CM Punk. HHH was destined to win, there is no doubt about that. Having Punk lose won’t diminish how he is in the eyes of the fans. He is who he is. He hasn’t had a bad match in as long as I can remember. I just figure out why Truth and Miz came out to avoid HHH from pinning Punk and then Truth turns around and stops Punk from pinning HHH. I don’t understand this. Maybe the person Laurinaitis is texting is of all people Stephanie, or even Vince McMahon. Yes Vinnie Mac could be the man that is still part of this storyline. The writers haven’t really mentioned much about the Raw General Manager either, so somewhere in there they might come up with who that is as well. I am just pulling straws out of my ass, because this one storyline has got me confused. And then you have Kevin Nash in the mix who put out HHH and Punk but it also helped HHH to win the match. More will be revealed as time goes on. This one I want to see how it goes only because of Punk, not because of HHH. I could careless about “H.”

So there ya have it, my thoughts about Night of Champions. I have to wonder though, seeing as how Daniel Bryan had a dark match and he still has his Money in the Bank case, will he be the only one in WWE history not to win his match when he cashes in? Just a thought I had….

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……

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