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Column Posted by Sticky Micky on 5:04:20 PM Oct 10, 2011

OK ... so I posted a column with my lame musings over a fictional Korean bride - it got deleted. I was very sad.


If you would like to read about my fictional bride and find out what happens next please go here;


If you just wanna read what I wrote about wrestling, here goes;


You read this thing for wrestling... right? OK, so as the story above proves, I've had hardly any time on my hands (pardon the pun). I've missed 2 x Raw and Smackdown AND Hell in the Cell … so, after finally catching up and watching everything I've missed … I'm getting less enthused by CM Punk every time he's on screen...

Sure he dropped a few pipe bombs some weeks ago and re-ignited our interest in wrestling (for which I am grateful)... but since then the biggest thing he's dropped is a turd in the backstage toilets. I know you can't break ground in every episode, because then it's not “ground-breaking” (durrrr) – but I don't quite understand why they've leveraged Punk to the top and thought 'that was enough, he's already over'. Keep pushing him!

From the storyline perspective it appears he will be involved in the mystery surrounding HHH, but now is the time to get some consistent wins – some squashes even, just to cement his place at the top. Otherwise I fear he may be a one hit wonder!

Secondly – this Sin Cara Azul vs Sin Cara Negro shit is seriously confusing... can anyone tell me which is the REAL Sin Cara? Which one is the original Mistico?

What I hate about this angle is the way it's been handled. It's just dumb. WWE should take a look at Mexico if they want to see how to really handle a feud between 2 guys who don't talk. You do the talking in the ring... and after seeing BOTH Sin Cara's and evaluating each... I can no longer honestly say that I am a Sin Cara mark.

The botches in his matches before this drug business happened were there, but among a catalogue of high-octane manoeuvres, so I was cool with that. But now it's just botch after botch, and the excitement seems to have evaporated. I hope they take this somewhere better... because right now it's in the toilet, beneath CM Punk's turd.

Hell in a Cell? Truly a pathetic gimmick when you put it in the hands of the wrong type of wrestlers. The Henry vs Orton match was shit. Absolute shit. No further comment required.

But in contrast; the 3 way match between Punk, Cena and Del Rio was awesome. But it didn't need the Cell. This match would've been just as good if the cell wasn't even there! Fair enough about the ending, it served the storyline well, but as far as the match went it didn't need to be there.

When you think “Hell in a Cell”, you think gore, brutality, and BIG bumps.

This year's offering had none of that.

Finally, I would just like to point out that this “no confidence in HHH” twist is most likely related to the Anonymous Raw General Manager in some way. Who is the Anonymous GM?


…...I have no fucking clue and I'm looking forward to finding out!


So that's all for now.... time for me to dim the lights, light a romantic candle, get some tissues and switch this tab to Pornhub.com

Much love!



up to you x

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