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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 11:04:34 PM Oct 17, 2011

Bound for Glory was this past Sunday and it is a very good possibility that Hulk Hogan is once again turning face and will team with Sting. Does anyone care that he is turning face again? Shouldn’t the old man retire and just be done with wrestling as a whole? Is anyone even watching this show anymore? According to the ratings, not many are and the TNA officials have no idea how to get the ratings to where WWE is. So they still have Hogan on the show and many older wrestlers they thought would bring in the ratings which hasn’t happened. They need to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but all things being equal, I don’t think they will be able to do that anytime soon. As long as Bischoff and Hogan are coming up with ideas for the show, they won’t get out of the ratings cellar. The rumor going around also is they will put the belt back on Jeff Hardy instead of Robert Roode. I don’t know where to begin to say that that idea would be the dumbest thing coming, if it is true. TNA needs to job out Hardy for a long time because of his screw-ups and show that it isn’t alright to mess up as he has done. The Powers That Be do that all the time in the WWE, so I have to think it would be a great idea for TNA to do it as well. If not, they should future endeavor the jag-off and move on…all in all the PPV was subpar at best…

Now onto Raw….

For some reason they will be having Randy Orton going against Cody Rhodes at Vengeance. Would they actually put the IC belt around Orton? Or is he going to have to lose another PPV match? If the guy is supposed to be the face of Smackdown, you would have to believe he will win the match and take the belt off of Rhodes. In my opinion, I would rather see a Rhodes win instead whether it’s by outside interference or a clean pin. Much as I hate to admit it, Rhodes has grown on me as IC champ and would be a good title holder for months to come.

I won’t even mention what happened on the women’s match, because lets face it, it isn’t worth it.

What the heck did John “Liar”nitis show to HHH while Punk was going against the Miz? When he told him to leave ringside, HHH obliged the order. After a win by Punk, Miz and Truth attacked. That left Punk without any help. What is going on? Will this put Punk in line with not trusting HHH? Boy, imagine that…they never should have turned Punk on the side of HHH. He was better as the guy that didn’t take crap from “H” and didn’t like the man. Although have to admit, Punk’s popularity is starting to rival that of Cena and that is a good thing.

The rest of the show was, well, blah…Zack Ryder beat Swagger after which another beat down occurred with Swagger and Ziggler attacking Ryder…Batista wanna-be Ryan came out for the save and challenged Ziggler to a match. Needless to say it was a WCW ending with a disqualification to Ryan because he didn’t stop an attack against Ziggler while he was in the ropes. I would still want Ryan to be a heel. He was great as such. Turning him face is crazy at this time in his career. He needs to be a heel…he has that kind of quality about him. It just isn’t suiting him correctly. Kind of like when they tried to turn Steve Austin heel by joining with Vince Mcmahon in the early part of 2001. It didn’t work, and this too does not.

And then we have the “main event” of the evening pitting Cena and Good ole JR against Del Rio and Michael Cole in a match to determine what kind of a match will take place at Vengeance. Quick and painless, I will just say, After Cena AA’s Cole, JR put on the ankle lock and made Cole tap out. There will now be a Last Man Standing match at Vengeance between Cena and Del Rio. Does this mean Cean will win the match and get another short lived title reign? I fear it to be true. I hope it isn’t, but with all things being equal, it just might come true….ugh….put the title back on Punk’s waist, now that I would care about. Next time I write it will be my predictions for the Vengeance PPV.

One last thing, what in the hell is up with two of the past NXT guys being suspended because of Wellness Violations? Darren Young and now Heath Slater, what are you guys thinking??

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……

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