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Quick Links
ECW Hardcor Heaven PPV
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- ECW Hardcore Heaven 97
Date - 8/17/97
Buyrate - 0.21
Attendance - 1,950
City - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Arena - War Memorial Auditorium
Taz over Chris Canidido
Bam Bam Bigelo over Spike Dudley
Rob Van Dam over Al Snow
Dudley Boys over PG-13
Tommy Dreamer over Jerry Lawler
Shane Douglas over Terry Funk
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Hardcore Heaven
Date - 5/16/99
Buyrate - 0.23
Attendance - 2,800
City - Poughkeepsie, NY
Arena - Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Taz over Chris Candido
Dudley Boys over Balls Mahoney/Spike Dudley
Super Crazy over Taka Michinoki
Yoshihiro over Little Guido
Lance Storm over Tommy Dreamer
RVD over Jerry Lynn
Justin Credible/Sid no Contest
Taz over Bubba Ray Dudley
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Hardcore Heaven
Date - 5/14/00
Buyrate - N/A
Attendance - 3,400
City - Milwaukee, Winsconsin
Arena - The Raven/Eagle's Ballroom
Masato Tanaka over Balls Mahoney.
Little Guido defeated both Simon Diamond & Mickey Whipwreck in a 3 way dance.
Kid Kash over C.W. Anderson.
Chris Chetti & Nova over The Baldies & Danny Doring & Roadkill.
New Jack defeated Angel.
Tajiri over Steve Corino.
ECW TV Champ, Rhino over the Sandman.
ECW World Champ, Justin Credible over Lance Storm.
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