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You are at>Wrestling Information> NWA World Title History

Title Holder Defeated Date
George Hackenschimdt Tom Jenkins 05/05/1904
Frank Gotch George Hackenschimdt 04/03/08
Charlie Cutler Frank Gotch 07/04/15
Earl Caddock Charlie Cutler 04/09/17
Joe Stecher Earl Caddok 01/30/20
Ed "Strangler" Lewis Joe Stecher 12/13/20
Stanislaus Zbyszko Ed Leweis 05/06/21
Ed Lewis Stanislaus Zbyszko 03/03/22
Wayne Munn Ed Lewis 01/08/25
Stanislaus Zbyszko Wayne Munn 04/15/25
Joe Stecher Stanislaus Zbyszko 05/30/25
Ed Lewis Joe Stecher 02/20/28
Gus Sonnenberg Ed Lewis 01/04/29
Dick Shikat Jim Landos 08/23/29
Jim Londos Dick Shikat 06/06/30
Ed Don George Gus Sonnenberg 12/10/30
Ed Lewis Ed Don George 04/13/31
Henry DeGlane Ed Lewis 05/04/31
Ed Lewis Dick Shikat 06/09/32
Ed Don George Henry DeGlane 02/09/33
Jim Browning Ed Lewis 02/20/33
Jim Londos Jim Browning 06/25/34
Danno O'Mahony Jim Londos 06/27/35
Danno O'Mahony Ed Don George 06/30/35
Danno O'Mahony Ed Lewis 07/30/35
Dick Shikat Danno O’Mahony 03/02/36
Ali Baba Dick Shikat 04/24/36
Everett Marshall Ali Baba 06/06/36
Lou Thesz verett Marshall 13/29/37
Steve Crusher Case Lou Thesz 02/11/38
Everett Marshall Unknown ??/09/38
Lou Thesz Everett Marshall 02/23/39
Bronko Nagurski Lou Thesz 06/23/39
Ray Steele Bonko Nagurski 03/07/40
Bronko Nagurski Ray Steele 03/11/41
Sandor Szabo Bronko Nagurski 06/05/41
Bill Longson Sandor Szabo 02/19/42
Yvon Robert Bill Longson 10/07/42
Bobby Managoff Yvon Robert 11/27/42
Bill Langson Bobby Managoff 02/19/43
Whipper Billy Watson Bill Longson 02/21/47
Lou Thesz Whipper Billy Watson 04/25/47
Bill Longson Lou Thesz 11/21/47
Lou Thesz Bill Longson 07/20/48
Whipper Billy Watson Lou Thesz 03/15/56
Lou Thesz Whipper Billy Watson 11/09/56
Dick Hulto Lou Thesz 11/14/57
Pat O'Connor Dick Hulton 01/09/59
Buddy Rogers Pat O’Connor 06/30/61
Lou Thesz Buddy Rogers 01/24/63
Gene Kiniski Lou Thesz 01/07/66
Dory Funk Jr Gene Kiniski 02/11/69
Harley Race Dory Funk Jr. 05/24/73
Jack Brisco Harley Race 07/20/73
Shohei Baba Jack Brisco 12/02/74
Jack Brisco Shohei Baba 12/09/74
Terry Funk Jack Brisco 12/10/75
Harley Race Terry Funk 02/06/77
Dusty Rhodes Harley Race 08/21/79
Harley Race Dusty Rhodes 08/26/79
Shohei Baba Harley Race 10/31/79
Harley Race Shoehei Baba 11/07/79
Shohei Baba Harley Race 09/04/80
Harley Race Shohei Baba 09/10/80
Tommy Rich Harley Race 04/27/81
Harley Race Tommy Rich 05/01/81
Dusty Rhodes Harley Race 06/21/81
Ric Flair Dusty Rhodes 09/17/81
Harley Race Ric Flair 06/10/83
Ric Flair Harley Race 11/24/83
Harley Race Ric Flair 03/21/84
Ric Flair Harley Race 03/23/84
Kerry Von Erich Ric Flair 05/06/84
Ric Flair Kerry Von Erich 05/24/84
Dusty Rhodes Ric Flair 07/26/86
Ric Flair Dusty Rhodes 08/09/86
Ronnie Garvin Ric Flair 09/25/87
Ric Flair Ronnie Garvin 11/26/87
Ricky Steamboat Ric Flair 02/20/89
Ric Flair Ricky Steamboat 05/07/89
Sting Ric Flair 07/07/90
Ric Flair Sting 01/11/91
Masa Chono Rick Rude 08/12/92
The Great Muta Masa Chono 01/04/93
Barry Windham The Great Muta 02/21/93
Ric Flair Barry Windham 07/18/93
Chris Candido Ric Flair 11/19/94
Dan Severn Chris Candido 02/24/95
Naoya Ogawa Dan Severn 03/14/99
Gary Steel Naoya Ogawa 09/25/99
Naoya Ogawa Gary Steel 10/02/99
Mike Rapada Naoya Ogawa 09/19/00
Sabu Mike Rapada 11/14/00
Mike Rapada Sabu 12/22/00
Steve Corino Mike Rapada 04/24/01
Shinya Hashimoto Steve Corino 12/15/01
Dan Severn Shina Hasimoto 03/08/02
Ken Shamrock Battle Royal 06/19/02
Ron "The Truth" Killings Ken Shamrock 08/07/02
Jeff Jarrett Ron "The Truth" Killings 11/20/02
AJ Styles Jeff Jarrett 06/11/03
Jeff Jarrett AJ Styles 10/22/03
AJ Styles Jeff Jarrett 04/21/04
Ron Killings AJ Styles/Raven/Chris Harris 05/20/04
Jeff Jarrett Ron Killings 06/02/04
AJ Styles Jeff Jarrett 05/15/05
Raven King of the Mountain Match 06/19/05
Jeff Jarrett Raven 09/15/05
Rhino Jeff Jarrett 10/23/05
Jeff Jarrett Rhino 10/25/05
Christian Cage Jeff Jarrett 02/12/06
Jeff Jarrett Christian Cage 06/18/06
Sting Jeff Jarrett 10/22/06
Abyss Sting 11/19/06
Christian Cage Abyss/Sting 01/14/07
Kurt Angle Christian Cage/Sting 05/13/07
Adam Pearce Brent Albright(Tournament) 09/01/07
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