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  To see the history of this TNA's World Champions before the TNA/NWA split, go to the NWA World Title History Page.
Title Holder Won From Date Won
Christian Cage/Sting* Kurt Angle 05/13/07
Kurt Angle Christian Cage/Sting 05/13/07
Kurt Angle Chris Harris/AJ Styles/Christian Cage/Samoa Joe 06/17/07
Sting Kurt Angle 10/14/07
Kurt Angle Sting 10/16/07
Samoa Joe Kurt Angle 04/13/08
Sting Samoa Joe 10/12/08
Mick Foley Sting 04/19/09
Kurt Angle Foley/AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Jarrett 06/20/09
AJ Styles Kurt Angle/Sting/Matt Morgan/Hernandez 09/20/09
Rob Van Damn AJ Styles 04/19/10
TNA/NWA split on 5/13/07.