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  This title is seperated from the NWA title history. To view this title before WCW took over it, head on to the NWA Title History Page.

On 9/2/02 Eric Bischoff brought back this title as the WWE RAW Brand's World Title, I am keeping it together with the WCW title. It has also been renamed the "WWE World Heavyweight Championship".

Title Holder Won From Date Won
Ric Flair Sting(NWA) 01/11/91
Lex Luger Nobody 07/14/91
Sting Lex Luger 02/29/91
Big Van Vader Sting 07/12/92
Ron Simmons Big Van Vader 08/02/92
Big Van Vader Ron Simmons 12/30/92
Sting Big Van Vader 03/11/93
Big Van Vader Sting 03/17/93
Ric Flair Big Van Vader 12/27/93
Ric Flair Nobody 04/24/94
Hulk Hogan Ric Flair 07/17/94
The Giant Hulk Hogan 10/29/95
Randy Savage Nobody 11/26/95
Ric Flair Randy Savage 12/27/95
Randy Savage Ric Flair 01/22/96
Ric Flair Randy Savage 02/11/96
The Gian Ric Flair 04/22/96
Hollywood Hogan Giant 08/10/96
Lex Luger Hollywood Hogan 08/04/97
Hollywood Hogan Lex Luger 08/09/97
Sting Hollywood Hogan 12/28/97
Sting Nobody 02/22/98
Randy Savage Randy Savage 04/19/98
Hollywood Hogan Randy Savage 04/20/98
Bill Goldberg Hollywood Hogan 07/06/98
Kevin Nash BIll Goldberg 12/27/98
Hollywood Hogan Kevin Nash 01/04/99
Ric Flair Hollywood Hogan 03/14/99
Diamond Dallas Page Ric Flair 04/11/99
Sting DDP 04/26/99
Diamond Dallas Page Sting 04/26/99
Kevin Nash DDP 05/09/99
Randy Savage Kevin Nash 07/11/99
Hollywood Hogan Randy Savage 07/12/99
Sting Hollywood Hogan 09/12/99
Goldberg Sting 10/24/99
Bret Hart Chris Benoit 11/21/99
Bret Hart Goldberg 12/20/99
Chris Benoit Sid 01/22/00
Sid Kevin Nash 01/24/00
Sid Kevin Nash 01/26/00
Jeff Jarrett Diamond Dallas Page 04/16/00
David Arguette Eric Bischoff 04/26/00
Jeff Jarrett David Arquette & Diamond Dallas Page 05/07/00
Ric Flair Jeff Jarrett 05/15/00
Jeff Jarrett Kevin Nash 05/22/00
Kevin Nash Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner 05/24/00
Ric Flair Kevin Nash
(Handed it over to Flair)
Jeff Jarrett Ric Flair 05/29/00
Hulk Hogan
(Won fake belt)
Jeff Jarrett 07/09/00
Booker T Jeff Jarrett 07/09/00
Kevin Nash Booker T 08/28/00
Booker T Kevin Nash 09/17/00
Booker T Won in 49ers match 10/02/00
Scott Stiener Booker T 11/26/00
Booker T Scott Stiener 03/26/01
Kurt Angle(WWF) Booker T 07/26/01
Booker T Kurt Angle(WWF) 07/30/01
The Rock(WWF) Booker T 08/19/01
Chris Jericho(WWF) The Rock(WWF) 10/21/01
The Rock(WWF) Chris Jericho(WWF) 11/05/01
Chris Jericho(WWF) The Rock(WWF) 12/09/01
Triple H(WWF) Chris Jericho(WWF) 03/18/02
Triple H(WWE) Nobody 09/02/02
HBK(WWE) HHH(WWE) 11/17/02
HHH(WWE) HBK(WWE) 12/15/02
Goldberg(WWE) Triple H(WWE) 09/21/03
Goldberg/Kane(WWE) 12/15/03
Chris Benoit(WWE) HHH/HBK(WWE) 03/14/04
Randy Orton(WWE) Chris Benoit(WWE) 08/15/04
Triple H(WWE)*1 Randy Orton(WWE) 09/12/04
Triple H(WWE)*1 Elimination Chamber 01/09/05
Batista(WWE) Triple H 04/03/05
Kurt Angle Battle Royal 01/13/06
Rey Mysterio Kurt Angle 04/02/06
Booker T Rey Mysterio 07/23/06
Batista Booker T 11/26/06
Undertaker Batista 04/01/07
Edge Undertaker 05/11/07
The Great Khali Battle Royal 07/17/07
Batista Great Khali/Rey Mysterio 09/16/07
Edge Batista/Undertaker 12/16/07
Undertaker Edge 03/30/08
Edge Undertaker 06/01/08
CM Punk Edge 06/30/08
Chris Jericho ** 09/07/08
Batista Chris Jericho 10/26/08
Chris Jericho Batista 11/03/08
John Cena Chris Jericho 11/23/08
Edge Kane/Kofi Kingston/Rey Mysterio/Chris Jericho/John Cena/Mike Knox 02/15/09
John Cena Edge/Big Show 04/05/09
Edge John Cena 04/26/09
Jeff Hardy Edge 06/07/09
CM Punk Jeff Hardy 06/07/09
Jeff Hardy CM Punk 07/26/09
CM Punk Jeff Hardy 08/23/09
Undertaker CM Punk 10/04/09
Chris Jericho Undertaker 02/21/10
Jack Swagger Chris Jericho 03/30/10
Rey Mysterio Jack Swagger/Big Show/CM Punk 06/20/10

*1 Triple H is striped of title, then wins it back at the Elimination Chamber
**Chris Jericho replaces CM Punk in a tournament and wins the title