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You are at>Information Section>New Blood Rising Past Results
WCW New Blood Rising PPV
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-WCW New Blood Rising
Date - 08/13/00
Buyrate - 0.18
Attendance - 6,614
City - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Area - Toronto CA
Booker T over Jeff Jarrett
Kevin Nash over Scott Steiner &
Bill Goldberg
Vampiro & Muta over Kronic
Lance Storm over Mike Awesome
Sting over Demon
Major Gunns over Miss Hancock
Billy Kidman over Shane Douglas
Kronic over MIA, Jindrak / O'hare, &
Perfect Event
Buff Bagwell over Cris Kanyon
The Cat Earnest Miller over The Great Muta
3 Count over Jung Dragons
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