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PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Spring Stampede
Date - 4/17/94
Buyrate - 0.53
Attendance - 12,200
City - Rosemont, Illionois
Arena - The Horizon

Kevin/Evad Sullivan def. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond
Steve Austin def. The Great Muta
Sting def. Rick Rude
Bunkhouse Buck def. Dustin Rhodes
Lord Steven Regal and Brian Pillman wrestled to a time limit draw
Big Van Vader def. The Boss
Ric Flair def. Rick Steamboat
Johnny B. Badd def. Diamond Dallas Page
The Nasty Boys def. Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Spring Stampede
Date - 4/06/97
Buyrate - 0.60
Attendance - 8,356
City - Tupelo, Mississippi
Arena - Tupelo Colisseum
Rey Mysterio def. Ultimo Dragon
Akira Hokuto def Madusa
Prince Iaukea def. Lord Steven Regal
Public Enemy def. The Horsemen (Jarrett/McMichael)
Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko wrestled to a no-contest
Kevin Nash def. Rick Steiner
Lex Luger wins a Four Corners match
"DDP" Diamond Dallas Page def Randy "Macho Man" Savage
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- WCW/NWO Spring Stampede
Date - 4/19/98
Buyrate - 0.74
Attendance - 7,428
City - Denver Colorado
Arena - Denver Colisseum
Goldberg d. Saturn
Ultimo Dragon d. Chavo Guerrero
Booker T. d. Benoit
Hennig d. Bulldog
Jericho d. Prince Iaukea
Rick Steiner & Luger d. Buff & Scott Steiner
Psychosis d. La Parka
Hogan & Nash d. Giant and Piper
Raven d. DDP
Savage over Sting
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Spring Stampede
Date - 4/11/99
Buyrate - 60
Attendance - 17,690
City - Tacoma, Washington
Arena - Tacoma Dome
DDP over Hogan/Flair/Sting
Goldberg over Nash
Scott Steiner over Booker T
Rey over Kidman
Benoit/Malenko over Saturn/Raven
Konnan over Disco
Scotty Riggs over Mikey Wripwreck
Bam Bam over Hak
Juvi over Blitzcrieg
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Spring Stampede
Date - 4/17/00
Buyrate - 0.27
Attendance - 12,556
City - Chicago, Illionois
Arena - United Center
Flair & Luger over the Harris Boys & the Mamalukes.
Mancow over Jimmy Hart.
Scott Steiner over the Wall.
Mike Awesome over the Cat.
Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell over Harlem Heat.
Sting defeated Booker.
Vampiro over Kidman.
Terry Funk over Norman Smiley to win the vacant WCW Hardcore Title.
Scott Steiner over Mike Awesome.
Sting defeated Vampiro.
Chris Candido defeated The Artist, Lash LeRoux, Juventud Guerrera, Crowbar & Shannon Moore to win the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Title.
Buff Bagwell & Shane Douglas defeated Lex Luger & Ric Flair to win the Vacant WCW Tag Team Titles.
Scott Steiner defeated Sting to win the vacant WCW US Title.
Jeff Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the vacant WCW World Title.
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