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WCW Wrestlewar
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Wrestle War
Date - 02/25/90
Attendance - 9,894
City - Greensoboro, NC
Arena - Greensoboro Coliseum
Kevin Sullivan/Buzz Sawyer def. The Dynamic Dudes
Norman The Lunatic def. Cactus Jack
The Rock 'n' Roll Express def. The Midnight Express
The Road Warriors def. The Skyscrapers
Tom Zenk/Brian Pillman def. Michaels Hayes/Jim Garvin
The Steiner Brothers def. Ole Anderson/Arn Anderson
Ric Flair def. Lex Luger by countout
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Wrestle War
Date - 02/21/91
Attendance - 6,800
City - Phoenix, AZ
Arena - Memorial Coliseum
Ultraman/Eddie Calmero def. Rudy Boy/Weecho
Junkyard Dog/Rick Morton/Tommy Rich def. State Patrol/Big Cat
Bobby Eaton def. Brad Armstrong
Itsumi Yamasako/Maimi Kitamura def. Miss A/Miki Handa
Dustin Rhodes def. Buddy Landell
The Young Pistols def. The Royal Family
Terry Taylor def. Tom Zenk
Stan Hansen and Big Van Vader wrestled to a double DQ
Lex Luger def. Dan Spivey
The Freebirds def. Doom
Ric Flair/Sid Vicious/Barry Windham/Larry Zbysko def. Sting/Brian Pillman/Steiner Brothers
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-Wrestlewar
Date - 05/17/92
Attendance - 6,000
City - Jacksonville, FL
Arena - Jacksonville Coliseum
Diamond Dallas Page/Thomas Rich def. Bob Cook/Firebreaker Chip
The Freebirds def. Terrence Taylor/Greg Valentine
Johnny B. Badd def. Tracey Smothers
Scotty Flamingo def. Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Ron Simmons def. Mr. Hughes
The Super Invader def. Todd Champion
Big Josh def. Richard Morton
Brian Pillman def. Tom Zenk
The Steiner Brothers def. Tatumi Fujinami/Takayuki Iizuka
Sting/Rick Steamboat/Dustin Rhodes/Nikita Koloff/Barry Windham def Steve Austin/Rick Rude/Arn Anderson/Larry
Zbyszko/Bobby Eaton
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