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You are at>Information Section>WCW World War 3 PPV History
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-World War 3
Date - 11/26/95
Buyrate - 0.45
Attendance - 12,000
City - Norfolk, Virginia
Arena - The Scope
Johnny B. Badd def. Diamond Dallas Page
Big Bubba Rogers def. Hacksaw Duggan
Bull Nakano/Akira Hokuto def. Cutie Suzuki/Mayumi Ozadi
Kensuke Sasaki def. Chris Benoit
Lex Luger def. Randy Savage
Sting def. Ric Flair
Randy Savage wins the 3-ring, 60-man battle royal
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-World War 3
Date - 11/24/96
Buyrate - 0.55
Attendance - 10,314
City - Norfolk Virginia
Arena - The Scope
Ultimate Dragon def. Rey Mysterio Jr.
Chris Jericho def. referee Nick Patrick
The Giant def. Jeff Jarrett
Harlem Heat def. The Amazing French Canadians
Dean Malenko def. Psicosis
The Outsiders def. The Nasty Boys and The Faces Of Fear
The Giant wins the 60 man battle royal
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-World War 3
Date - 11/23/97
Buyrate - 0.56
Attendance - 17,128
City - Auburn Hills, Michigan
Arena - The Palace
Yuji Nagata over Ultimo Dragon
Meng and Barbarian d. Glacier and Ernest Miller
Perry Saturn over Disco Inferno
Steiner Brothers d. Regal/Taylor
Raven d. Scotty Riggs
Mongo overAlex Wright
Eddie Gurrero d. Rey Misterio Jr.
Curt Hennig d. Ric Flair
Scott Hall wins Battle Royal
PPV Info PPV Results
Date - 11/22/98
Buyrate - .75
Attendance - 17,670
City - Auburn Hills, Michigan
Arena - The Palace
DDP over Bret Hart
Nash wins Battle Royal
Jericho over Bobby Duncan Jr.
Kidman Over Juvi
Konnan over Stevie Ray
Cat/Sonny Onoo over Saturn/Kaz
Wrath over Glacier
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