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PPV Name- WWE The Bash
Date - 6/28/09
Buyrate - Not Yet
Attendance - ??
City - Sacramento, California
Arena - ARCO Arena

-Tommy Dreamer defeats Jack Swagger/Christian/Mark Henry/Finlay in a Championship Scramble for the ECW World Title

-Rey Mysterio defeats Chris Jericho for the WWE IC Title

-Dolph Ziggler defeats The Great Khali in a No-DQ/Countout match

-Edge/Chris Jericho defeat The Colóns/The Legacy for the WWE Unified Tag Titles

-Michelle McCool defeats Melina for the WWE Women's Title

-Jeff Hardy defeats CM Punk for the WWE Heavyweight Championship via DQ

-John Cena defeats The Miz

-Randy Orton defeats Triple H for the WWE World Title.