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Champion Won From Date Won
Pat Patterson Either won in contest or had belt given 09/11/79
Ken Patera Pat Patterson 04/21/80
Pedro Morales Ken Patera 12/08/80
Don Muraco Pedro Morales 06/20/81
Pedro Morales Don Muraco 11/23/81
Don Muraco Pedro Morales 01/22/83
Tito Santana Don Muraco 02/11/84
Greg Valentine Tito Santana 09/21/84
Tito Santana Greg Valentine 07/07/85
Randy Savage Tito Santana 02/08/86
Ricky Steamboat Randy Savage 03/29/87
Honky Tonk Man Ricky Steamboat 06/02/87
Ultimate Warrior Honkey Tonk Man 08/29/88
Rick Rude Ultimate Warrior 04/02/89
Ultimate Warrior Rick Rude 08/28/89
Mr. Perfect Noody 04/23/90
Texas Tornado Mr. Perfect 08/27/90
Mr. Perfect Texas Tornado 11/19/90
Bret Hart Mr. Perfect 08/26/91
The Mountie Bret Hart 01/17/92
Roddy Piper The Mountie 01/19/92
Bret Hart Roddy Piper 04/05/92
Davey Boy Smith Bret Hart 08/29/92
Shawn Michaels Davey Boy Smith 10/27/92
Marty Jannetty Shawn Michaels 05/17/93
Shawn Michaels Marty Jannetty 06/06/93
Razor Ramon Either won in contest or had belt given 09/27/93
Diesel Razor Ramon 04/13/94
Razor Ramon Diesel 08/29/94
Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon 01/22/95
Razor Ramon Jeff Jarrett 05/19/95
Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon 05/21/95
Shawn Michaels Jeff Jarrett 07/23/95
Dean Douglas Either won in contest or had belt given 10/22/95
Razor Ramon Dean Douglas 10/22/95
Goldust Razor Ramon 01/21/96
Ahmed Johnson Goldust 06/23/96
Marc Mero Either won in contest or had belt given 09/23/96
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Marc Mero 10/21/96
Rocky Maivia Hunter Hearst Hemsley 02/13/97
Owen Hart Rocky Maivia 04/28/97
Steve Austin Owen Hart 08/06/97
Owen Hart Either won in contest or had belt given 10/05/97
Steve Austin Steve Austin 08/03/97
Rocky Maivia Either won in contest or had belt given 12/08/97
Triple H Rocky Maivia 08/30/98
Ken Shamrock Either won in contest or had belt given 10/12/98
Val Venis Ken Shamrock 02/14/99
Road Dog Val Venis 03/15/99
Goldust Road Dog 03/29/99
Godfather Goldust 04/12/99
Jeff Jarrett Godfather 05/31/99
Edge Jeff Jarrett 06/23/99
Jeff Jarrett Edge 06/25/99
D-Lo Brown Jeff Jarrett 08/02/99
Jeff Jarrett D-Lo Brown 08/22/99
Chyna Jeff Jarrett 10/17/99
Chris Jericho Chyna 10/17/99
Chris Jericho & Chyna Decision of WWF officials 01/03/00
Chris Jericho Chyna & Hardcore Holly 01/23/00
Kurt Angle Chris Jericho 02/27/00
Chris Benoit Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho 04/02/00
Chris Jericho Chris Benoit 05/04/00
Chris Benoit Chris Jericho 05/08/00
Rikishi Chris Benoit 06/22/00
Val Venis Rikishi 07/06/00
Chyna Val Venis 08/27/00
Eddie G. Chyna 09/04/00
Billy Gunn Eddie G. 11/23/00
Chris Benoit Billy Gunn 12/10/00
Chris Jericho Chris Benoit 01/21/01
Triple H Chris Jericho 04/05/01
Jeff Hardy Triple H 04/10/01
Triple H Jeff Hardy 04/16/01
Kane Triple H 05/20/01
Albert Kane 06/28/01
Lance Storm Albert 07/23/01
Edge Lance Storm 08/19/01
Christian Edge 09/23/01
Edge Christian(WCW) 10/21/01
Test(WCW) Edge 11/05/01
Edge Test(WCW) 11/18/01
William Regal Edge 01/20/02
RVD William Regal 03/18/02
Eddie Guerrero RVD 04/21/02
RVD Eddie Guerrero 05/27/02
Chris Benoit RVD 07/29/02
RVD Chris Benoit 08/25/02
Chris Jericho RVD 09/16/02
Kane Chris Jericho 09/30/02
Christian Battle Royal 05/18/03
Booker T Christian 07/07/03
Christian Booker T 08/10/03
RVD Christian 09/29/03
Randy Orton RVD 12/14/03
Edge Randy Orton 07/11/04
Chris Jericho Christian* 09/12/04
Shelton Benjamin Chris Jericho 10/19/04
Carlito Caribbean Cool Shelton Benjamin 06/20/05
Ric Flair Carlito Caribbean Cool 09/18/05
Shelton Benjamin Ric Flair 02/20/06
Rob Van Dam Shelton Benjamin 04/30/06
Shelton Benjamin(Texas Tornado Match) Rob Van Dam 05/15/06
Johnny Nitro Shelton Benjamin(3-Way Match) 06/25/06
Jeff Hardy Johnny Nitro 10/02/06
Johnny Nitro Jeff Hardy 11/06/06
Umanga Jeff Hardy 02/19/07
Santino Marella Umanga 04/16/07
Umanga Santino Marella 07/02/07
Jeff Hardy Umanga 09/02/07
Chris Jericho Jeff Hardy 03/10/08
Kofi Kingston Chris Jericho 06/29/08
Santino Marella Kofi Kingston 08/17/08
William Regal Santino Marella 11/10/08
CM Punk William Regal 01/19/09
JBL CM Punk 03/09/09
Rey Mysterio JBL 04/05/09
Chris Jericho Rey Mysterio 06/07/09
Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho 06/28/09
John Morrison Rey Mysterio 09/01/09
Drew McIntyre John Morrison 12/13/09
Kofi Kingston Drew McIntyre 05/23/10