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You are at>Information Section>WWF Light Weight Title History
Champion Defeated Date Won
Perro Aguayo Nobody 03/26/81
Fishman Perro Aguayo 09/25/81
Perro Aguayo Fishman 10/01/81
Chris Adams Perro Aguayo 12/13/81
Perro Aguayo Chris Adams 04/21/82
Gran Hamada Perro Aguayo 08/29/82
Perro Aguayo Gran Hamada 03/20/82
Villano III Perro Aguayo 08/07/83
Perro Aguayo Villano III 04/17/84
Gran Hamada Perro Aguayo 05/20/84
Villano III Gan Hamada 08/24/86
Fishman Villano III 12/24/86
Perro Aguayo Nobody 05/03/87
Villano III Nobody 06/17/87
Rambo Willano III 10/04/87
Villano III Rambo 07/11/88
Sangre Chicana Villano III 08/14/89
Perro Aguayo Sangre Chicana 10/15/89
Sangre Chicana Perro Aguayo 12/03/89
Villano III Sangre Chicana 05/27/90
Pegasus Kid Villano III 03/03/91
Villano III Pegasus Kid 09/13/92
El Signo VIllano III 01/01/93
Villano III El Signo 07/18/94
Aero Flash Nobody 06/16/95
Great Sasuke Aero Flash 03/24/96
El Samurai Great Sasuke 06/22/96
Great Sasuke Nobody 08/04/96
Ultimo Dragon Great Sasuke 10/11/96
Jushin Liger Ultimo Dragon 01/04/97
El Samurai Jushin Liger 07/06/97
Shinjiro Ohtani El Samurai 08/10/97
Taka Michinoku Nobody 12/07/97
Christian Taka Michinoku 10/18/98
Duane Gill/Gillberg Christian 11/23/98
Essa Rios Gillberg 02/13/00
Dean Malenko Essa Rios 03/13/00
Scotty Too Hotty Dean Malenko 04/17/00
Dean Malenko Scotty Too Hotty 04/27/00
Crash Holly Dean Malenko 03/18/01
Jerry Lynn Crash Holly 04/29/01
Jeff Hardy Jerry Lynn 06/07/01
X-Pac Jeff Hardy 06/25/01
Tajiri X-Pac 08/06/01
X-Pac Tajiri 08/19/01

*Note- This title has held in Mexico before brought back to the U.S.
*Note- If Defeated lists "Nobody" Previous Title holder needed to forfiet the belt

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