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  * - WWE SmackDown Brand Tag Team Champion
All SmackDown Title win dates are the day the show aired, not the day the show was taped
Shortly I will be sorting this to seperate pages.
Champion Won From Date Won
Luke Graham/Tarzan Tyler Tournament 1971
Karl Gotch/Rene Goulet Luke Graham/Tarzan Tyler 12/06/71
Baron Mikel Scicluna/King Curtis Iaukea Karl Gotch/Rene Goulet 02/01/72
Sonny King/Chief Jay Strongbow Baron Mikel Scicluna/King Curtis Iaukea 05/22/72
Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji Sonny King/Chief Jay Strongbow 06/27/72
Tony Garea/Haystacks Calhoun Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji 05/30/73
Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji Tony Garea/Haystacks Calhoun 09/11/73
Tony Garea/Dean Ho Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji 11/14/73
Jimmy Valiant/Johnny Valiant Tony Garea/Dean Ho 05/08/74
Dominic Denucc/Victor Rivera Jimmy Valiant/Johnny Valiant 05/13/75
Dominic Denucci/Pat Barrett ?? 1975
Blackjack Lanza/Blackjack Mulligan Dominic Denucci/Pat Barrett 08/26/75
Tony Parisi/Louis Cerdan Blackjack Lanza/Blackjack Mulligan 11/18/75
Executioners Tony Parisi/Louis Cerdan 05/11/76
Chief Jay Strongbow/Billy White Wolf Tournament 12/07/76
Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji Tournament 09/27/77
Dominic Denucci/Dino Bravo Toru Tanaka/Mr. Fuji 03/14/78
Yukon Lumberjacks Dominic Denucci/Dino Bravo 06/26/78
Tony Garea/Larry Zbyszko Yukon Lumberjacks 11/21/78
Johnny Valiant/Jerry Valiant Tony Garea/Larry Zbyszko 03/06/79
Ivan Putski/Tito Santana Johnny Valiant/Jerry Valiant 10/22/79
Samoans Ivan Putski/Tito Santana 04/12/80
Bob Backlund/Pedro Morales Samoans 08/09/80
Samoans ?? 09/09/80
Tony Garea/Rick Martel Samoans 11/08/80
Moondogs Tony Garea/Rick Martel 03/17/81
Moondogs ?? 1981
Tony Garea/Rick Martel Moondogs 7/21/81
Mr. Fuji/Mr. Saito Tony Garea/Rick Martel 10/13/81
Chief Jay Strongbow/Jules Strongbow Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito 06/28/82
Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito Chief Jay Strongbow/Jules Strongbow 07/13/82
Chief Jay Strongbow/Jules Strongbow Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito 10/26/82
Samoans Chief Jay Strongbow/Jules Strongbow 03/08/83
Rocky Johnson/Tony Atlas Samoans 11/15/83
North-South Connection Rocky Johnson/Tony Atlas 04/17/84
Mike Rotundo/Barry Windham North-South Connection 01/21/85
Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff Mike Rotundo/Barry Windham 03/31/85
US Express Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff 06/17/85
Dream Team US Express 08/24/85
British Bulldogs Dream Team 04/07/86
Hart Foundation British Bulldogs 01/26/87
Strike Force Hart Foundation 10/17/87
Demolition Strike Force 03/27/88
Brainbusters Demolition 07/18/89
Demolition Brainbusters 10/02/89
Colossal Connection Demolition 12/13/89
Demolition Collossal Connection 04/01/90
Hart Foundation Demolition 08/27/90
Nasty Boys Hart Foundation 03/24/91
Legion of Doom Nasty Boys 08/26/91
Money Inc. Legion of Doom 02/07/92
Natural Disasters Money Inc. 07/20/92
Money Inc. Natural Disasters 10/13/92
Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner Money Inc. 06/14/93
Money Inc. Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner 06/16/93
Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner Money Inc. 06/19/93
Quebecers Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner 09/13/93
Marty Janetty/1-2-3 Kid Quebecers 01/10/94
Quebecers Marty Janetty/1-2-3 Kid 01/17/94
Men On a Mission Quebecers 03/29/94
Quebecers Men on a Mission 03/31/94
Headshrinkers Quebecers 04/26/94
Shawn Michaels/Diesel Headshrinkers 08/28/94
1-2-3 Kid/Bob Holly Tournament 01/22/95
Smoking Gunns 1-2-3 Kid/Bob Holly 01/23/95
Owen Hart/Yokozuna Smoking Gunns 04/02/95
Smoking Gunns Owen Hart/Yokozuna 09/25/95
Bodydonnas Tournament 03/31/96
The Godwinns Bodydonnas 05/19/96
Smoking Gunns The Godwinns 05/26/96
Owen Hart/Davey Boy Smith Smoking Gunns 09/22/96
Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels Owen Hart/Davey Boy Smith 05/26/97
Steve Austin/Dude Love Tournament 07/14/97
The Headbangers Tournament 09/07/97
The Godwinns Headbangers 10/05/97
The Legion of Doom Godwinns 10/07/97
New Age Outlaws Legion of Doom 11/24/97
Hardcore Legends New Age Outlaws 03/29/98
New Age Outlaws Hardcore Legends 03/30/98
Kane/Mankind New Age Outlaws 07/13/98
Austin/Undertaker Kane/Mankind 07/26/98
Kane/Mankind Austin/Undertaker 08/10/98
New Age Outlaws Kane/Mankind 08/30/98
Shamrock/Boss Man New Age Outlaws 12/14/98
Jarrett/Owen Hart Shamrock/Big Boss Man 01/25/99
Kane/X-Pac Jarrett/Owen Hart 03/30/99
Acolytes Kane/X-Pac 05/31/99
Hardy Boys Acolytes 06/05/99
Acolytes Hardy Boys 07/25/99
Kane/X-Pac Acolytes 08/16/99
Undertaker/Big Show Kane/X-Pac 08/22/99
The Rock/Mankind Undertaker/Big Show 08/22/99
Undertaker/Big Show The Rock/Mankind 09/09/99
The Rock/Mankind Undertaker/Big Show 09/20/99
The New Age Outlaws The Rock/Mankind 09/23/99
The Rock/Mankind New Age Outlaws 10/15/99
Crash & Hardcore Holly Rock/Mankind 10/18/99
Al Snow & Mankind Crash & Hardcore Holly 11/04/99
The New Age Outlaws Al Snow & Mankind 11/08/99
The Dudley Boys The New Age Outlaws 02/27/00
Edge & Christian The Dudley Boys & The Hardy Boyz 04/02/00
Too Cool Edge/Christian 05/29/00
Edge/Christian Too Cool 06/26/00
Hardy Boyz Edge/Christian 09/24/00
Los Conquistadors (played by edge and christian) Hardy Boyz 10/22/00
Hardy Boyz (as Lost Conquistadors) Edge & Christian 10/23/00
Right To Censor (Bull & Goodfather) Hardy Boyz 11/06/00
Edge & Christian Right To Censor (Bull & Goodfather) 12/10/00
Rock & Undertaker Edge & Christian 12/18/00
Edge & Christian Rock & Undertaker 12/21/00
Dudley Boyz Edge & Christian 01/21/01
Hardy Boyz Dudley Boyz 03/05/01
Edge & Christian Hardy Boyz 03/19/01
Dudley Boyz Edge & Christian 03/19/01
Edge & Christian Dudley Boyz 04/01/01
Undertaker & Kane Edge & Christian 04/19/01
Steve Austin & Triple H Undertaker & Kane 04/29/01
Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit Steve Austin & Triple H 05/21/01
Dudley Boyz Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit 06/21/01
APA Dudley Boyz 07/09/01
Kanyon/DDP(WCW) APA 08/09/01
Undertaker/Kane Kanyon/DDP(WCW) 08/19/01
Dudley Boyz(WCW) Undertaker/Kane 09/17/01
Jericho/Rock Dudley Boyz(WCW) 10/22/01
Test/Booker T(WCW) Jericho/Rock 11/01/01
Hardy Boyz Test/Booker T(WCW) 11/01/01
Dudley Boyz(WCW) Hardy Boys 11/18/01
Tazz/Spike Dudley Dudley Boyz 01/07/02
Billy/Chucky Tazz/Spike Dudley 02/21/02
Rikishi/Rico Billy/Chucky 05/19/02
Billy/Chuck Rikishi/Rico 06/06/02
Hogan/Edge Billy/Chuck 07/04/02
Storm/Christian Hogan/Edge 07/21/02
Kane/Hurricane Storm/Christian 09/23/02
Christian/Jericho Kane/Hurricane 10/14/02
*Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit *Rey Mysterio/Edge 10/20/02
*Rey Mysterio/Edge *Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit 11/07/02
*Eddie/Chavo Guerrero *Rey Mysterio/Edge 11/17/02
Goldust/Booker T Christian/Jericho 12/15/02
Lance Storm/Regal Goldust/Booker T 01/06/03
Dudley Boyz Lance Storm/Regal 01/19/03
Lance Storm/Regal Dudley Boyz 01/20/03
*Team Angle *Eddie/Chavo Guerrero 02/06/03
RVD/Kane Lance Storm/Regal ??/??/03
*Eddie Guerrero/Tajiri *Team Angle 05/18/03
La Resistance RVD/Kane 06/15/03
*Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas *Eddie Guerrero/Tajiri 07/03/03
Dudley Boyz La Resistance 09/21/03
*Los Guerreros *Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas 09/18/03
Dudley Boyz La Resistance 10/20/03
*Bashham Brothers *Los Guerreros 10/23/03
Ric Flair/Batista Tag Team Turmoil 12/15/03
RVD/Booker T Ric Flair/Batista 02/16/04
*Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty *Basham Brothers 02/03/04
Ric Flair/Batista RVD/Booker T 03/22/04
Edge/Chris Benoit Ric Flair/Batista 04/19/04
*Charlie Haas/Rico *Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty 04/22/04
La Resistance Edge/Chris Benoit 05/31/04
*Dudley Boyz *Charlie Haas/Rico 06/17/04
*Billy Kidman/Paul London *Dudley Boyz 07/08/04
*Rene Dupre/Kendo Suzuki *Billy Kidman/Paul London 09/07/04
Edge/Chris Benoit La Resistance 10/19/04
La Resistance Edge/Chris Benoit 11/01/04
Eugene/William Regal La Resistance 11/15/04
*RVD/Rey Mysterio *Rene Dupre/Kendo Suzuki 12/09/04
*Doug/Danny Basham *Rob Van Dam/Rey Misterio 01/11/05
La Resistance Eugene/William Regal 01/16/05
Tajiri/William Regal La Resistance 02/04/05
*Rey Misterio/Eddie Guerrero *Doug/Danny Basham 02/20/05
*Joey Mercury/Johnny Nitro/font> *Rey Misterio/Eddie Guerrero 04/18/05
Rosey/Hurricane Helms Tajiri/William Regal 05/01/05
*Heidenreich/Animal *MNM 07/24/05
Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch Rosey/Hurricane Helms 09/18/05
*Joey Mercury/Johnny Nitro *Animal/Heidenreich/Paul Burchill/William Regal/Super Crazy/Psychosis 10/28/05
Big Show/Kane Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch 10/01/05
*Batista/Rey Mysterio *Joey Mercury/Johnny Nitro 12/13/05
Spirit Squad Big Show/Kane 04/07/06
*Paul London/Brian Kenderick *Batista/Rey Mysterio 06/21/06
Ric Flair/Piper Spirit Squad 11/05/06
Edge/Randy Orton Ric Flair/Piper 11/13/06
John Cena/HBK Edge/Randy Orton 01/29/07
Hardy Boys Multiple Teams 04/02/07
*Deuce/Domino *Paul London/Brian Kenderick 04/20/07
Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch Hardy Boys 06/04/07
*Montel Vontavious Porter/Matt Hardy *Deuce/Domino 08/31/07
Paul London/Brian Kendrick Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch 09/05/07
Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch Paul London/Brian Kendrick 09/08/07
*John Morrison/The Miz *Montel Vontavious Porter/Matt Hardy 11/16/07
Cody Rhodes/Hardcore Holly Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch 12/10/07
Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes Hardcore Holly(solo) 06/29/08
*Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder *John Morrison/The Miz 07/20/08
Batista/John Cena Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes 08/04/08
Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes Batista/John Cena 08/11/08
*The Col�ns *Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder 09/21/08
CM Punk/Kofi Kingston Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes 10/27/08
John Morrison/The Miz CM Punk/Kofi Kingston 12/13/08
**The Colons John Morrison/The Miz 04/05/09
Jericho/Edge The Colons & Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase 04/05/09
Jericho/Big Show(Edge out on injury) Defended against Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes 07/26/09
Degeneration-X Jericho/Big Show) 12/13/09
ShowMiz Degeneration-X/Straight Edge Society 02/08/10
The Hart Dynasty ShowMiz 04/26/10

* - WWE SmackDown Brand Tag Team Champion
All SmackDown Title win dates are the day the show aired, not the day the show was taped

** - After 4/5/09 The Colons had both titles and they were unified