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Title Holder Won From Date Won
Buddy Rogers Nobody 01/24/63
Bruno Sanmartino Buddy Rogers 05/17/63
Ivan Koloff Bruno Sanmartino 01/18/71
Pedro Morales Ivan Koloff 02/08/71
Stan Staisak Pedro Morales 12/01/73
Bruno Sanmartino Stan Staisak 12/10/73
Billy Graham Bruno Sanmartino 04/30/77
Bob Backlund Billy Graham 02/20/78
Antonio Inoki Bob Backlund 11/30/79
Bob Backlund Antonio Inoki 12/06/79
The Iron Sheik Bob Backlund 12/26/81
Hulk Hogan The Iron Shiek 01/23/84
Andre the Giant Hulk Hogan 02/05/88
Randy Savage Ted DiBiase 03/27/88
Hulk Hogan Randy Savage 04/02/89
Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan 04/01/90
Sgt. Slaughter Ultimate Warrior 01/19/91
Hulk Hogan Sgt. Slaughter 03/24/91
Undertaker Hulk Hogan 11/27/91
Hulk Hogan Undertaker 12/03/91
Ric Flair Nobody 01/19/92
Randy Savage Ric Flair 04/05/92
Ric Flair Randy Savage 09/01/92
Bret Hart Ric Flair 10/12/92
Yokozuna Bret Hart 04/04/93
Hulk Hogan Yokozuna 04/04/93
Yokozuna Hulk Hogan 06/13/93
Bret Hart Yokozuna 03/20/94
Bob Backlund Bret Hart 11/23/94
Diesel Bob Backlund 11/26/94
Bret Hart  Diesel 11/19/95
Shawn Michaels Bret Hart 03/31/96
Sycho Sid Shawn Michaels 11/17/96
HBK Sycho Sid 01/19/97
Bret Hart Won from 4 Way Match 02/16/97
Sycho Sid Bret Hart 02/17/97
The Undertaker Sycho Sid 03/23/97
Bret Hart Undertaker 08/06/97
HBK Bret Hart 11/09/97
Steve Austin HBK 03/30/98
Kane Steve Austin 06/28/98
Steve Austin Kane 06/29/98
Rocky Maivia Nobody 11/15/98
Mankind RockyMaivia 01/04/99
Rocky Maivia Mankind 01/24/99
Mankind Rocky Maivia 01/31/99
Rocky Maivia Mankind 02/15/99
Steve Austin Rocky Maivia 03/28/99
Undertaker Steve Austin 05/23/99
Steve Austin Undertaker 06/28/99
Mankind Steve Austin 08/22/99
Triple H Mankind 08/23/99
Vince McMahon Triple H 09/16/99
Triple H (Won Six-Pac Match) 09/26/99
The Big Show Triple H/The Rock 11/14/99
Triple H The Big Show 01/03/00
The Rock Triple H 04/30/00
Triple H The Rock 05/21/00
The Rock Triple H (Vince McMahon) 06/26/00
Kurt Angle The Rock 10/22/00
The Rock Kurt Angle 02/25/01
Steve Austin The Rock 04/01/01
Kurt Angle Steve Austin(WCW) 09/23/01
Steve Austin(WCW) Kurt Angle 10/08/01
Chris Jericho Steve Austin 12/09/01
Triple H Chris Jericho 03/18/02
Hulk Hogan Triple H 04/21/02
Undertaker Hulk Hogan 05/19/02
The Rock Undertaker/Kurt Angle 07/21/02
Brock Lesnar The Rock 08/25/02
Big Show Brock Lesnar 11/17/02
Kurt Angle Big Show 12/15/02
Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle 03/30/03
Kurt Angle Brock Lesnar 07/27/03
Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle 09/18/03
Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar 02/15/04
JBL Eddie Guerrero 06/27/04
John Cena JBL 04/03/05
Edge John Cena 01/08/06
John Cena Edge 01/29/06
Rob Van Dam John Cena 06/11/06
Edge Rob Van Dam 07/03/06
John Cena Edge 09/17/06
Randy Orton Title Awarded 10/07/07
Triple H Randy Orton 10/07/07
Randy Orton Triple H(Last Man Standing Match) 10/07/07
Triple H Randy Orton/John Cena/JBL 04/27/08
Edge Triple H 11/23/08
Edge Triple H 11/23/08
Jeff Hardy Edge 12/14/08
Edge Jeff Hardy 01/25/09
Triple H Edge/Big Show/Jeff Hardy/Vladimir Kozlov/Undertaker 02/15/09
Randy Orton Triple H/Batista/Shane McMahon 04/26/09
Batista Randy Orton 06/07/09
Randy Orton Triple H/Big Show/John Cena 06/15/09
John Cena Randy Orton 09/13/09
Randy Orton John Cena 10/04/09
John Cena Randy Orton 10/25/09
Sheamus John Cena 12/13/09
John Cena Sheamus 02/21/10
Batista John Cena 02/21/10
John Cena Batista 03/28/10
Sheamus John Cena 06/20/10
Randy Orton Sheamus 09/19/10
The Miz Randy Orton 11/22/10
John Cena The Miz 05/01/11
CM Punk* John Cena 07/17/11
Rey Mysterio** The Miz 07/25/11
John Cena*** Rey Mysterio 07/25/11
CM Punk John Cena 08/14/11
Alberto Del Rio CM Punk 08/14/11
John Cena Alberto Del Rio 09/18/11
Alberto Del Rio John Cena/CM Punk 10/02/11
CM Punk Alberto Del Rio 11/20/11
The Rock CM Punk 01/27/13
John Cena The Rock 04/07/13
Daniel Bryan John Cena 08/18/13
Randy Orton Daniel Bryan 08/18/13
Daniel Bryan Randy Orton 09/15/13
Randy Orton Daniel Bryan(Tournament) 10/27/13
Daniel Bryan Randy Orton/Batista 04/06/14
John Cena Ladder Match, Multiple 06/29/14
Brock Lesnar John Cena 08/17/14
Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar 03/28/15
Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose(Tournament) 11/22/15
Sheamus Roman Reigns 11/22/15
  • * CM Punk was still champion when he re-appeared on raw 7/25
  • ** Rey Mysterio won due to tournament for the then vacant title
  • *** Both John Cena & CM Punk were mentioned as champions