John Tenta

Real Name: John Tenta
Birthday: 06/22/63
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 462
Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia
Wrestling Debut: 1988
Finishing Moves: Earthquake Splash
Tag Teams: Faces of Fear with Butcher & Kevin Sullivan; King's Court with Randy Savage, Dino Bravo, & Greg Valentine (Survivor Series); Natural Disasters with Typhoon; Natural Disasters with Dino Bravo, Haku, & Barbarian (Survivor Series)
Other Identitites: Earthquake, Canadian Earthquake, Avalanche, Shark
Was in manager Jimmy Hart's stable for about three years in the WWF.

Feuded with Hulk Hogan.

Stomped Jake Roberts' snake Damien in 1991.

Teamed with former rival Tugboat, who changed his name to Typhoon.

Left the WWF in 1993 and returned in '94.

Didn't last long in the WWF as he was in WCW by late 1994.

Former member of the Dungeon of Doom.

Was selected as a member of Team Piper at Uncensored '97, but didn't compete when the Four Horsemen replaced the entire team except Piper.

Was once a sumo wrestler.

Titles Held

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Achievement Awards

PWI 500 Rankings

Major Matches
WWF Matches
11/23/89: (Survivor Series) With Randy Savage, Dino Bravo, & Greg Valentine, defeated 4x4's (Jim Duggan, Ron Garvin, Hercules Hernandez, & Bret Hart) in a survivor match. Earthquake pinned Hernandez and was a survivor.

1/21/90: (Royal Rumble) Participated in the Royal Rumble. Entered #19. Eliminated Dusty Rhodes, & Ax. Was #14 eliminated by Ted DiBiase, Smash, Haku, Jimmy Snuka, Dino Bravo, & Jim Neidhart (all the men in the ring at the time).

4/1/90: (WrestleMania VI) Pinned Hercules

8/27/90: (SummerSlam) Lost to Hulk Hogan via countout

11/22/90: (Survivor Series) With Dino Bravo, Haku, & Barbarian, lost to Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, Jim Duggan, & Big Bossman). Defeated Jim Duggan via disqualification and pinned Big Bossman. Eliminated when he and Tugboat were counted out.

1/19/91: (Royal Rumble) Participated in the Royal Rumble. Entered #22. Eliminated Animal, Tito Santana, Bushwhacker Luke, & with Brian Knobbs eliminated Davey Boy Smith. Eliminated #28 by Hulk Hogan.

3/24/91: (WrestleMania VII) Pinned Greg Valentine

6/3/91: Defeated Jake Roberts via disqualification

7/1/91: Lost to Jake Roberts

8/26/91: (SummerSlam) With Typhoon, defeated Bushwhackers Luke & Butch. He pinned Luke.

11/27/91: (Survivor Series) With Typhoon & Irwin R. Schyster, lost a survivor match to Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) & Big Bossman. He was counted out when he walked out of the match to aid Typhoon.

1/19/92: (Royal Rumble) Defeated World Tag Team champions Legion of Doom via countout

4/5/92: (WrestleMania VIII) With Typhoon, defeated World Tag Team champions Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster) via countout when Money Inc. walked out of the match

8/29/92: (SummerSlam) With Typhoon, successfully defended the World Tag Team titles against Beau & Blake Beverly. He pinned Beau.

9/11/92: With Typhoon, successfully defended the World Tag Team titles against Beau & Blake Beverly

11/25/92: (Survivor Series) With Typhoon & Nasty Boys Jerry Saggs & Brian Knobbs, defeated Money Inc. & Beverly Brothers in a survivor match. He was a survivor.

1/24/93: (Royal Rumble) Participated in the Royal Rumble. Entered #23. Eliminated Typhoon and Irwin R. Schyster. Eliminated #22 by Yokozuna.

3/20/94: (WrestleMania X) Pinned Adam Bomb

WCW Matches
11/16/94: (Clash of the Champions XXIX) With Butcher & Kevin Sullivan, lost to Sting & Hulk Hogan

12/27/94: (Starrcade) Lost to Sting via disqualification

1/26/95: (Clash of the Champions XXX) Lost to Sting via submission

2/19/95: (SuperBrawl V) With Bubba Rogers, lost to Randy Savage & Sting

3/19/95: (Uncensored) Lost to Randy Savage via disqualification when Ric Flair interfered

9/17/95: (Fall Brawl) With Zodiac, Meng, & Kamala, lost a war games match to Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, & Lex Luger

5/19/96: (Slamboree) With Max Muscle, lost to American Males (Marcus Bagwell & Scotty Riggs)

6/16/96: (Great American Bash) Defeated Bubba Rogers

7/7/96: (Bash at the Beach) Defeated Bubba Rogers in a Carson City silver dollar match


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