Sting's Bio

Real Name: Steve Borden
Wrestling Debut: 1985
Birthday: 03/20/59
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 252 pounds
From: Venice Beach, CA
Finishing Move: Scorpion Death Lock
Career Highlights: WCW World Champion (7), WCW U.S. Champion (2), WCW Tag team Champion (2)

Sting started out as a tag team wrestler in California. He teamed with Jim Hellwig, also known as the Ultimate Warrior. The two were known as Power Team USA before changing their gimmick and attitude and becoming the heel Blade Runners. This team terrorized Mid-Southern, Mid-South, and the UWF. Hellwig left the UWF due to a contract dispute, and went to World Class where he started his "Ultimate" Warrior gimmick as the "Dingo" Warrior. Sting went face, and teamed with Rick Steiner to become UWF tag champs, then moved into World Championship, the flagship territory of the NWA. Sting immediately garnered attention with the way he could get the crowd going, his good interviewing skills, and his great high flying moves, which were very rare for a guy his size at the time. Sting's first great moment came in 1988 at the Clash of the Champions when he went one on one with Ric Flair for 45 minutes to a time limit draw. This showed that Sting was no flash in the pan, and was truely a top star to stay. Sting started going after the Television title, which was held by the Great Muta. The two started feuding, and as Muta was part of Paul Jones' stable, Terry Funk was also a part of it, and this led to an alliance between Sting and Ric Flair. The two tag teamed against Funk and Muta, and Buzz Sawyer, and after Flair beat Funk in a I Quit retirement match, Sting and Flair reformed the Horsemen with Ole and Arn Anderson to go against Jones. The Horsemen fell apart when Sting wanted a title shot at Flair, and the Horsemen turned on him. After the turn, Sting injured his knee trying to climb into a cage, and was out for a long time afterward.

Sting came back to take on the Horsemen, and gained ultimate revenge when he took the world title away from Flair. Sting received the help of the Steiner's, Junk Yard Dog and Paul Orndorff during this time. Sting went on to feud with Lex Luger over the title, and others. The next big event in Sting's career didin't invlove him too much. It was when WCW signed Hulk Hogan. Hogan immediately became the company's top guy, ahead of Sting and Flair. Sting was in a worse situation then Flair, as he went down to the number 2 face, and then the number three after Randy Savage was signed. Sting got the US title, and held onto the belt for a while, and was truely the best guy in the promotion at the time. Fans in PWI often blasted WCW for the way the treated Sting, as Hogan only defended the title three or four times the first year he had the belt, while Sting was carrying the weight of the whole company on his back, along with the Nature Boy.

While Hogan began feuding with the Dungeon of Doom, Arn Anderson and Ric Flair had a falling out after a feud with Big Van Vader. Arn got the help of Brian Pillman, who turned heel, and began his Loose Cannon character. Flair asked Sting many times for help, but Sting refused due to him being turned on by Flair before. Flair then got a bunch of kids together to ask Sting, and he then said yes, only becausee the fans wanted to see it. Sting and Flair wrestled Pillman and Anderson a few times, and seemed to be doing fine, until Flair turned on Sting at a late 1995 ppv. Sting was irate, and the next week on Nitro put Flair in the Scorpion Deathlock and wouldn't let go until Lex Luger came and talked him into getting him off. This led to Chris Benoit joining the Horsemen, as he was put in as insurance to help take out Sting.

Hogan, at the time, began having some real negative reactions from the crowd. He went to a darker gimmick, and challenged Sting to a match because he was helping Luger, who attacked Hogan. Sting had Hogan beat in the Scorpion Deathlock until the Dungeon of Doom ran down and jumped the duo. Hogan went back to the red and yellow, but only for a little while. After Hogan went on sabbatical, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash started appearing on WCW tv. Sting answered the challenge by the two first, by slapping Scott Hall at the WCW announcer booth. This led to a three man tag match at Bash at the Beach '96. Hall and Nash said they had a mystery partner, against Sting, Savage and Luger. Luger hit his head on the ring post, and was taken out. This made it two on two, until Hogan came down and attacked a downed Savage. The NWO formed, and began attacking WCW wrestlers from behind with ball bats and such. Sting led the charge, but later on, the NWO took Cobra, a WCW mid-carder, and turned him into Bogus Sting, a Sting lookalike. The lookalike attacked Luger, and when the real Sting appeared, he was shunned by WCW. After Fal Brawl, where the NWO beat WCW's team, and Luger told Sting to leave, Sting said he was turning his back on WCW, and was going to pop in and out for a while. He started appearing as the Black and White Sting, and began jumping various wrestlers. After close to a year of dropping from rafters, and coming out of the crowd. Sting revealed his true colors when he helped WCW's team fend off the NWO after they tried to attack Lex Luger. This led to Sting vs Hogan, which took a 9 month buildup into Starrcade '97. The match was a screwjob, and dissapointed a ton of people, and led to WCW's ratings slide in early 98. Sting was the biggest star in wrestling at the time, but due to Hogan's ego, not wanting to job clean when it was needed, a lot of momentum was lost. Sting then began feuding with other people in the company, like Bret Hart, who turned heel.

Sting then sat out for a while, due to an injury, and became a born again christian. He came back to WCW in early 1999, and won the World title on Nitro, but lost it later in the program in a 4 way match. Sting feuded with Rick Steiner for a while, then tried helping Kevin Nash against Randy Savage, but due toa look a like, and other problems, the two didn't get along. Sting then went after Ric Flair, in order to win back control of WCW. After that, Lex Luger began confronting him about helping Hogan. Sting and Luger came to blows over this on a Nitro, but it turned into a trick, as Sting attacked Hogan with a baseball bat at Fall Brawl to win the WCW title, and make his first heel turn since wrestling in Mid South in the mid 1980's. Luger and Sting went on to attack Bret Hart the same night, and the following night on Nitro, and also Ric Flair, who was making his return to Nitro the same night after a back injury.

A few months later, Sting an opportunity to once again become the WCW champion, this time in a 32-men tournament. Sting lost to Bret Hart in the semi finals, and I might added cleanly in the sharpshooter. Sting then went on and wrestled a few signles matches, Meng, Scott Hall and then teamed up with DDP to take on Luger and David Flair. But Sting had a feud going with Vampiro. They wrestled in several different matches, a house of pain wrestling match, inferno match and others. Sting also received several world title shots but was unsuccessfull. In November, Sting took time off and returned on March 26, 2001 to wrestle probably his last match and the last WCW Nitro match on TNT against Ric Flair. Sting won the last match. Sting is sitting out for the remainder of his WCW contract.