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Judgment Day
Date - 10/25/98
Buyrate - 0.80
Attendance - 18,153
City - Rosemont, Illionois
Arena - The Horizon
The Undertaker/Kane- No Contest
Mark Henry over The Rock
Ken Shamrock over Mankind
The Headbangers over NAO
X-Pac over D'Lo Brown
Goldust over Val Venis
Christian over Taka Michinoku
LOD 2000 & Droz over DOA
Al Snow over Marc Mero
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Judgment Day 2
Buyrate- 1.05
Attendance - 17,533
City - Louisville, Kentucky
Arena - Freedom Hall
Too Cool & Rikishi defeated Edge, Christian, & Kurt Angle
WWF European Champ, Eddy Guerrero defeated Deam Malenko & Perry Saturn in a Triple Threat Match.
Shane McMahon defeated The Big Show.
WWF IC Champ, Chris Benoit defeated Chris Jericho.
Road Dogg & X-Pac defeated The Dudley Boys in a Table match.
Triple H defeated The Rock in a Iron Man match to win the WWF Title.
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PPV Name- Judgment Day 3
Date- 05/20/01
Buyrate- 0.76
Attendance - 13,623
City - Sacramento California
Arena - ARCO Arena
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Steve Austin over The Undertaker.
Chris Jericho & Benoit won Tag Turmoil.
Kane over Triple H.
Chyna over Lita.
Rhyno over Big Show and Test.
Kurt Angle over Chris Benoit by winning falls 2 & 3.
William Regal over Rikishi.
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PPV Name- Judgment Day 4
Date - 05/19/02
Buyrate - .94
Attendance - ???
City - Nashville, TN
Arena - GY Entertainment Center
Eddie Guerrero over RVD
Trish Stratus over Stacy
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar over Hardy Boys
Steve Austin over Flair/Big Show(Handicap Match)
Edge over Kurt Angle(Haircut Match)
Triple H over Chris Jericho (Hell in the cell)
Rikishi/Rico over Chuck/Billy for the WWE Tag Titles
Undertaker over Hulk Hogan for the WWE title
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PPV Name- Judgment Day 5
Date- 05/18/03
Buyrate- .58
Attendance - 13,000
City - Charlotte, NC
Arena - Charlotte Coliseum
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Brock Lesnar over Big Show for the WWE Title
Kevin Nash over HHH via DQ for the World Championship
Jazz over Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Victoria for the Womens Title
Mr. America over Piper
Eddie Guerrerro/Tajiri over Team Angle for the WWE Tag Titles
Christian wins WWE Battle Royal for the WWE InterContinental Title
FBI/John Cena over Rhyno, Benoit, Spanky
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Judgment Day 6
Date- 05/16/04
Buyrate- .38
Attendance - 18,722
City - Los Angeles, CA
Arena - Staples Center
Rico Constantino/Charlie Haas defeated Hardcore Holly/Billy Gunn for Tag Titles
Chavo Guerrero defeated Jacqueline for the Cruiserweight Title
John Cena defeated Renee Dupree for the US Title
Undertaker defeated Booker T
John Bradshaw Leyfield defeated Eddie Guerrero for SmackDown Brand World Title.
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PPV Name- Judgment Day 7
Date- 05/22/05
Buyrate- .66
Attendance - 9,500
City - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Arena - Target Center
Joey Mercury/Johnny Nitro over Hardcore Holly/Charlie Haas for the WWE SmackDown Tag Titles
Carlito Carribean Cool over The Big Show
Paul London over Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title
Booker T over Kurt Angle
Orlando Jordan over John Heidenreich for the US Title
Rey Misterio over Eddie Guerrero by DQ
John Cena over John Bradshaw Leyfield for the WWE Title in an "I Quit Match"
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Judgment Day 8
Date- 05/26/06
Buyrate- .58
Attendance - 15,421
City - Phoenix, Arizona
Arena - US Airways Center
The Hooligans defeated MNM for the WWE SmackDown Tag Titles
Chris Benoit defeated Fit Finlay
Jillian Hall pinned Melina
Gregory Helms pinned Super Crazy for the Cruiserweight Title
.Mark Henry defeated Kurt Angle
Booker T defeated Bobby Lashley for the King of the Ring Tournament
The Great Khali pinned The Undertake
Rey Misterio overJohn Bradshaw Leyfield for the World Title
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PPV Name- Judgment Day 9
Date- 05/20/07
Buyrate- .61
Attendance - 15,421
City - St Louis, Missouri
Arena - Scottrade Center
Ric Flair over Carlito
Bobby Lashley over Vince/Shane/Umanga for the ECW World Title(Vince Reversed Title change due to Shane being pinned and not Vince)
C.M. Punk over Elijah Burke
Randy Orton over Shawn Michaels
Hardy Boys over Murdoch/Cade
Edge over Batista for the World Title(SmackDown)
MVP Over Benoit for the US Title in a 2 out of 3 falls match(MVP gets both falls)
John Cena over Great Khali for the WWE World Title(RAW)
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Judgment Day 9
Date - 05/18/08
Buyrate - .??
Attendance - ??
City - Omaha, Nebraska
Arena - Qwest Center Omaha
-John Cena over JBL

-John Morrison/The Miz over Kane/CM Punk for the WWE Tag Titles

-Shawn Michaels over Chris Jericho

-Mickie James over Beth Phoenix/Melina in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Women's Title

-Undertaker over Edge via countout for the WWE World Heavyweight Title

-Jeff Hardy over MVP

-Triple H over Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name- Judgment Day 9
Date - 05/17/09
Buyrate - .??
Attendance - ??
City - Rosemont, Illinois
Arena - Allstate Arena
-Umaga over CM Punk

-Christian over Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship

-John Morrison over Shelton Benjamin

-Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho for the WWE IC Title

-Batista over Randy Orton via DQ for the WWE Championship

-John Cena over Big Show

-Edge over Jeff Hardy for the WWE World Heavyweight Title