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Wrestlers Name Date Where Reason
Ken Patera 6/6/85 Waukesha, WI Battery/Assault/Criminal Damage
Mr. Saito 6/6/85 Waukesha, WI Battery/Assault/Criminal Damage
Booker T ??/??/87 New Jersey Robbed several Wendy's Restaurants
Jim Druggan 5/26/87 New Jersey Marijiana Possession, DWI
Iron Sheik 5/26/87 New Jersey Marijiana Possession/Cocaine
Jake Roberts 12/06/88 Daytona, FL Aggravated Battery
Andre the Giant 8/??/89 ?? Assaulting TV Cameraman
Billy Gunn 11/??/90 ?? Disorderly Conduct
Brian Adams 3/13/95 ?? Possession of Steroids/Unregistered Semi-Automatic Guns
Scott Steiner 4/21/98 ?? Threatening Transportation Worke then hitting with a pickup
Jake Roberts 7/??/98 ?? Didn't pay Child Support
Jim Neidhart 9/8/98 Pensacola, FL Wrote a bad Check
Scott Hall 10/1/98 Orlando, FL Keyed a limo
Paul Wright 12/3/98 Memphis, Tenn. Assaulted/Exposed a Hotel Clerk
Tammy Sytch 2/5/99 Middlesex County, NJ Acted Strangely
Jerry Lawler 3/16/99 Memphis, Tenn. Threw ticket at cop/ran over foot
Scott Steiner 3/17/99 Cherokee Assaulted a Cherokee Worker
Jake Roberts 3/25/99 Athens Ga. Back on Child Support Charges
Jerry Flynn 4/29/99 PA Drunk Driving
Juventud Guerrera 4/29/99 PA Drunk Driving
Swoll 8/??/99 (N/A) Speeding & back on child support bills
Tully Blanchard 11/??/99 (N/A) Assaulting his 28 year old wife
Gene Okurlund 3/11/00 Tampa, FL DUI
Jason N/A New York A long, overdue DUI charge
Buff Bagwell 5/9/00 Springfield, Illinois Punching a WCW Crew Member
Scott Hall 11/22/00 Seminole County, Florida DUI
Jake "The Snake" Roberts 06/14/01 Niles, Ohio Drunk Driving, hit & stop
Eddie Guerrero 11/13/01 Florida DUI
Vader 07/01/02 Boulder, Colorado DUI, Crashing, Harassment ETC
Steve Austin 08/13/02 San Antonio, Texas Domestic Violence/Assault
Steve Corino 06/19/03 Michigan Forgery, Fraud and Misdemeanor
La Parka 12/23/03 Mexico Assault
Dick Slater 12/28/03 Largo, Florida Assault
Norris "Hardbody" Harrison 08/18/04 Cartersville, Georgia Prostitution
New Jack 10/10/04 Brunswick, Ga aggravated battery
Hector Garza 01/03/05 Brunswick, Ga Drug Charges
Jake Roberts 01/06/05 ?? Cocain Possession
Lex Luger 01/31/05 Cobb County DUI
Lex Luger 03/10/05 Cobb County Contempt in Court
Dustin Rhodes 04/24/05 ?? Domestic Abuse
Ricky Morton 10/14/05 ?? Failure to pay Child Support
Chris Kanyon 10/16/05 ?? Disorderly Conduct/Obstructing a Police Officer
Ric Flair 11/29/05 North Carolina Assault/Battery
Matt Morgan 01/15/06 Louisville, Kentucky Impersonating a Police Officer
Disco Inferno 04/09/07 Roswell GA Illegal Gambling Opperation
Reid Flair 06/23/07 North Carolina assault and battery
Santino Marella 05/01/08 Tampa, FL DUI
Big Vito 09/21/08 Tampa, FL Domestic Violence
Reid Flair 03/09/09 Mecklenburg County, NC Driving while impaired
Reid Flair 04/27/09 North Carolina Drugs/Driving with Revoked License
Roddy Piper 07/02/09 Los Angelos DUI
Kurt Angle 08/15/09 Pittsburgh Multiple Charges
Christopher Daniels 08/28/09 Palmdale, CA Driving While Impaired
Dirty Dick Slater 01/03/13 Pinellas Park, FL Failure to appear in court