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If you know of any moves not in this page, send an e-Mail to

Most of this list has been compiled by Roberto Porras Jr, & Franz Bachmeier, the rest by various TWNP visitors who do not want their name listed..

Al Snow: Snow Plow (Modified Lifting Reverse DDT)
A-Train: Albert Bomb (Chokeslam Powerbomb), De-railer
Big Show: Showstopper (Chokeslam)
Billy Kidman: Shooting Star Press
Billy Gunn: One and Only (Cobra Clutch Neckbreaker) or Fameasser
Booker T: scissor kick, harlem side kick, harlem hangover, Book End
Bradshaw: Clothesline from Hell
Brock Lesnar: F-5, Brock Lock
Chalie Haas: The Haas of Pain
Chris Benoit: Crippler Crossface
Chris Jericho: Lion sault, Walls of Jericho
Christian: Unprettier (Impaler) Single Conchairtow
Dean Malenko: Texas Cloverleaf
Eddie Guerrero: Frog splash and Lasso from El Paso
Edge: The Edgecution and Edgucator
Farooq: The Dominator
Goldberg: Jackhammer/Spear
Goldust: Curtain Call
Hardcore Holly: Alabama Slam
"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan: Leg Drop
Jacky: Figure-4 Leg Lock
Jamie Knoble: Tiger Driver, Guilliotine Choke
Jazz: Fisherman's Buster
Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb
John Cena: The F-U, the throwback, the five knuckle shuffle
Kane: Chokeslam from hell, Tombstone, Powerbomb
Kevin Nash: Jacknife Powerbomb
Kurt Angle: Olympic Slam, Angle Slam or Ankle Lock
Lance Storm: Straight Shooter
Lita: Moonsault
Mark Henry: Big Splash
Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate
Mick Foley: Mandible Clawm Love Handle, Sweet Chin Music/Double Arm DDT, pulling pile driver
Nunzio: The Sicsilian Slice
Perry Saturn: T-Bone/Fisherman Suplex or Death Valley Driver
Prince Albert: The derailer, Albert Bomb, Bicycle kick
Rey Mysterio: 619/West Coast Pop
Ric Flair: Figure 4 Leg Lock
Rikishi: Rikishi Driver or Bonzai Drop Followed by Stink Face
Scott Steiner: Steiner Recliener Scotty Too Hotty: The Worm
Shao Funaki: Flying Headbutt
Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music
Spike Dudley: Dudley Drop
Stevie Richards: Stevie Kick, Stevie-T
Steve Austin: Stone Cold Stunner
Steve Blackman: Pump Kick the Guillotin
Tajiri: Brainbuster or Kick to Head
Taz: Tazmission
Test: Testdrive
The Rock: Rockbottom or People's Elbow
Triple H: The Pedigree
Ultimo Dragon: Dragon Sleeper
Undertaker: Last Ride (Elevated Powerbomb), Chokeslam or Tombstone, "Taking Care of Business"
Val Venis: Moneyshot (Top Rope Splash)
William Regal: Regal Stretch
Tag Team Finishers(All feds & Inactive)
Dudley Boys: 3-D
Headbangers: The Stagedive
Legion of Doom: The Doomsday Device
Smoking Gunns: The sidewinder

AJ Styles: Styles Clash, Shooting Styles Press
Amazing Red: Code Red Red Alert
Jeff Jarrett: The Stroke, Figure 4 Leg Lock
Jerry Lynn: Cradle Piledriver
Raven: The Raven Effect or Evenflow DDT
Shane Douglas: Pittsburgh Plunge or Belly to Belly Suplex

Inactive/Former Wrestlers/Indy
British Bulldog: Power Slam
Franke "The Future" Kazarian: THe Wave of the Future
Jake "The Snake" Roberts: DDT
Macho Man Randy Savage: Elbow off top rope
Marty Jannetty: Rocker Dropper
Perry Saturn: Rings of Saturn, Death Valley Driver
Scott Hall: Outsiders Edge
Shark Boy: Deep Sea Cutter
Sid Vicious: Powerbomb
Sonny Siaki: Siak-Ocalypse, Siak-Ocalyplse Now
Ted DiBaise: Million Dollar Dream
Ultimate Warrior: Gorilla Press Slam followed by a splash
Vader: Vader Bomb, Vader-sault, Powerbomb

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