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Albert- Prince Albert, A-Train(Current) Stone Cold Steve Austin- Steve Williams, Superstar Steve Austin, Stunning Steve Austin, The Ringmaster
Barry Darsow- WWF he was Smash/Repo Man, WCW-Blacktop Bully
Big Vito(WCW) - Skull Von Krush(ECW), Vito LoGrasso(ECW)
Brad Armstrong- Dos Hombres II, Arachniman, Bad Street
Brian Clarke- Wrath, Adam Bomb(WWF)
Buff Bagwell-Mark Bagwell, Handsome Stranger, Fabian
Bull Buchanan - Recon
Cactus Jack- Mankind, Dude Love, Mic Foley, Cactus Jack Manson, Jack Foley
Chris Benoit-Wild Pegasus, Pegasus Kid
Chris Candido(WCW, ECW)- "No Gimmicks Needed" Chris Candido(ECW)
Chris Jericho- Corazon de Leon
Crush- Brian Adams, Demon
Curt Hennig- Mr Perfect
Dale Torborg(WCW) - Demon(WCW)
Dustin Rhodes- Goldust,The Artist Formerly Known As" Goldust, Dustin Runnels
Dusty Rhodes - Uvalde Slim
Eddie Guerro- Known in Japan as Black Tiger
Farooq- Ron Simmons, Faarooq Asad
Fit Finley-Belfast Brusier
Hammer- Use to be called Van Hammer
Hervina (WWF) - Harvey Wippleman
Hugh Morrus-Crash the Terminator
Hulk Hogan- Use to be called Imortal Hulk Hogan, Terry "Hulk" Boulder, SterlingGolden, Hollywood Hogan
Hunter Hearst Hemslet- Triple H, Terra Ryzin, Jean-Paul Levesque
Isaac Yankem DDS- Kane, Fake Diesel
Jimmy Valiant - Charlie Brown From Outta Town
John Tenta Aavalanche,Shark, Earthquake, Golga
Johnny Grunge-Johnny Rotten
Justin Credible(ECW)- Aldo Montoya(WWF)
Kanyon(WCW, WWE) - Chris Kanyon(WCW, WWF), Mortis(WCW)
Ken Shamrock- Vince Torelli
Kevin Nash- Vinnie Vegas, Oz, Diesel, Master Blaster Steel
Kim- The Diamond Doll, Booty Babe
Leia Meow (WCW) - Kimona (ECW)
Lita(WWE) - Miss Congeniality(ECW)
LOD- Road Warriors, LOD 2000
Madusa- In WWF she was called Alundra Blayze
Marc Mero-  Johnny B Badd, Wildman Marc Mero, Marvelous Marc Mero
Meng- In WWF he was called Haku
Mortis- WWF called Chris Canyon
Mr. Wall Street- Wall Street/VK(WCW) and Mike Rotundo/Irwin R Shyster(WWE)
Owen Hart- The Blue Blazer, The Rocket, Black Hart, King of Harts
Rave(WCW) - Lodi (WCW), Idol(WCW)
Raven- Known in WWF as Johnny Polo, ECW as The Raven
Raven- Scotty Flamingo(WCW), Johnny Polo (WWF)
Big Boss Man- Big Bubba, Guardian Angel, Ray Trayler(WCW)
Renegade-Reo, Lord of the Jungle
Ric Flair- Black Scorpion(Indy,WCW)
Rick Rude- Ravishing Rick Rude(WWF), The WCW Halloween Phantom
Road Dog - Jesse James, The Roadie, Brian Armstrong, Jesse James Armstrong
Rocky Johnson - Sweet Brown Sugar
Sandman(ECW)- Hak(WCW)
Saturn- Perry Saturn(ECW, WCW)
Scott Anton- Scotty Riggs(WCW), Kendo the Samurai, Scott Studd
Scott Hall- Razor Ramon, The Diamond Studd
Sting-Blade Runner Sting and Blade Runner Flash(NWA/WCW)
Sycho Sid- Sid Justice, Sid Vicious, Lord Humungous
Ted DiBaise- Known in the WWF as the Million Dollar Man
The Big Show Paul Wright(WWF), The Giant(WWF)
The Total Package - Leg Luger, Known in the WWF as The Narcissist
Undertaker- Kane the Undertaker, Mean Mark Callous, The Master of Pain, The Punisher
Vader- Big Van Vader, Baby Bull
Vincent- Virgil
X-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx-Pak(Syxx),TheKamikaze Kid,Lightling Kid

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