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Wrestling Relatives

Here are the list of Wrestling Relatives that I know of, if you notice something is missing, you can always E-Mail me them at

"Professor" Boris Malenko/Dean Malenko(father/son)
"Superstar"Billy/Eddie/Luke/Mike Graham
American Dream/Goldust/Marlena (Divorced)
Bill/Eric Watts(father/son)
Black Jack Mulligan/Barry/Kendall Windam(father/sons)
Booker T/Stevie Ray(brothers)
Bret/Owen/Bulldog/Stu Hart/Jim Neihart
Bruno/David Sanmartino(father/son)
Curtis/Prince Iukea(father/son)
DDP/Kimberly (Married)
Don/Ron Harris(brothers)
Doug/Eddie/Mike Gilbert(father/sons)
Dusty Rhodes/Dustin Rhodes(father/sons)
Dusty Rhodes/Jerry Saggs/Tugboat(brother in laws) Ed/Dale Lewis(father/son)
Eddie/Chavo Jr./Chavo Sr./Hector/Mando Guerro
Fritz/Kevin/Mike/Kerry/David/Chris Von Erich(father/sons)
Hulk Hogan/Horace Boulder (Uncle/Nephew)
Ivan/Scott Putiski
Jack/Jerry Brisco(brothers)
Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher
Jerry Sags brother in law is Tugboat
Jesse James/Brad/Scott/Bob/Brad/Steve Armstrong
Kevin/Nancy Sullivan
Larry/Curt Hennig(Father/Son)
Luna Vachon/Gangrel/Maurice/Paul Vachon/(brothers/sister)
Marc Mero/Sable (Married)
Mike Rotundo/Barry/Kendall Windham's (Brother in law)
Mike/Ted DiBaise
Nick Patrick/The Assassin
Ole/Gene Anderson(brothers)
Randy Savage/Lanny Poffo(Brothers) also Angelo Poffo
Ric Flair/David Flair(father/son)
Rick/Scott Steiner
Rocky Maivia/Rocky Johnson/High Chief Peter Maivia(Rocks' grandfather)
Ron/Robert Fuller(brothers)
Shawn Michals/ Matt Bently (Uncle/Nephew)
Stan/Larry Zybysko(father/son)
Stan/Sean Stasiak(father/son)
Steve Austin/Debra (Married)
Tammy Lynn Sytch/Chris Candido
Terry/Dory Funk
Terry/Dory Funk Sr./Dory Funk Jr.(father/sons)
The Sultan/Yokozuna
Tony/Matt Bourne(father/son)
Verne/Greg Gagne(father/son)
Vince Sr(Vince Jr's Father)Vince Jr,Linda,Shane,Stephanie McMahon(Parents, Brother,Sister)

Some contributions by: gfagan

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