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Wrestlers Name Best Known from/as Where are they now?
911 Former ECW/WCW Wrestler Wrestles for an Indy fed in the Northeast
2 Cold Scorpio Former ECW Wrestler. Currently wrestles for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, leader of the Gaijin Stable.
Alan Funk ?? Currently wrestles in NWA-TNA as Bruce.
Alex Wright Former WCW Wrestler, wrestled as Berlyn. Currently wrestling in Germany, wrestled at NAWA Rock 'n' Wrestling Night 6/1/03.
Amish Roadkill ?? Security Guard at Riverhead K-Mart in Long Island, NY
Austin Idol Wrestled in the 80's Currently living in Florida.
Bad News Brown Former WWF Wrestler Passed away 3/6/07 (Heart Attack)
Bam Bam Bigelo Former WCW/ECW/WWE Wrestler Passed away June 1, 2007 from surgery complications.
Baron Von Rashkie ?? Resides in Lake George, MN and owns a souvenier shop
Barry Windham Former NWA/WWF/WCW Wrestler Runs a business in Homerville, GA
Bart Gunn Former WWE Wrestler Last seen in the NWA-TNA; Occasionally wrestles in All-Japan Pro Wrestling.  Goes by his real-name Mike Barton.
Big Ron Reese Former WCW Wrestler. Supreme Wrestling in GA
Big Vito Former WCW Wrestler. Currently in the WWA, occasionally wrestles or announces
Billy Gunn Former WWE Wrestler Currently wrestles for NWA-TNA.
Blackjack Mulligan Former NWA Wrestler, WWE HOF in 2006 Owns a car dealership in Orlando Fla
Bobby Eaton Former WCW Wrestler Currently wrestling in the Indy circuit, usually in the NACW
Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valient ?? Currently runs a wrestling school in Virginia called Boogie's Wrestling Camp; wrestles in various indy federations.
Brett Wayne Sawyer ?? ??
Brutus Beefcake Former WWE/WCW Wrestler Is now a carpenter in MA, Weekends wrestles for independents.
Chase Tatum Wrestled in WCW; Master P's stable Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Southern California
Chyna Wrestled in the WWE. RIP
Crash Holly Former WWE/NWA-TNA Wrestler Passed away
Cyrus/The Jackyl Former WCW/ECW Manager/valet. Currently writes columns in the Winnipeg Sun, Runs a wrestling school with Tony Condello, shows up on the No Holds Barred Radio Show, wrestles for Border City Wrestling.
Dangerous Danny Davis ?? Occasionally wrestles in the Indy, OVW Trainer.
Danny Spivey Former WCW Wrestler, tag teamed with Mark Callous, Sid Vicious with Teddy Long as their manager. Currently a model, resides in Florida.
Diamond Dallas Page Former WCW/WWE Wrestler. Teaching & Promoting his YRG Program
Dirty Dick Slater ?? ??
Disco Inferno Former WCW Wrestler. Wrestles in NWA-TNA under his real name- Glen Gilberti.
Doink the Clown Former WWE Wrestler Currently wrestling in the Indy circuit, such as ECCW
Gangrel Former WWF Wrestler Directing Porn Movies
George "The Animal" Steele 1995 WWE Hall of Fame Runs a Country Club
Geto Tattrie 1/2 of the WWWF champion tag team "The Mongols" Now lives in Virginia Beach Virginia, and he designs chairs
Greg "the Hammer" Valentine Former WCW/NWA Wrestler Occasionally wrestles in the indies; also participates in many real estate ventures
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Former WCW/WWE Wrestler 2011 WWE Hall Of Fame, Ran a gym, ocasionally on Big Time Wrestling
Honky Tonk Man Former WWF Wrestler Currently in the Indy circuit
"Hugh Morrus(Bill DeMott) Former WCW/ECW Wrestler Runs a Gym and was a trainer for 2011's Tough Enough series
Hulk Hogan Former WWE/WCW Wrestler Has a Wrestling Reality show on CMT
J.T. Smith Original F.B.I Member Retired and living in Virginia.
Jason Jett ?? Currently wrestles at the Heartland Wrestling Federation in Ohio
Jeff Jarrett Former WCW/WWE Wrestler Currently wrestles for TNA
Jules Strongbow ?? Occasionally wrestles in the Indy.
Ken Patera AWA/WWF Wrestler in 1980's Currently running All-Star Wrestling Alliance out of Minneapolis
Kevin Nash Former WWE/WCW Wrestler Wrestles for TNA
Killer Kowalski ?? Passed Away
King Kong Bundy Last seen in the Indy Currently runs a wrestling school, occasionally wrestles in the Indy.
Kwee Wee Former WCW Wrestler Last seen wrestling in the Southern Wrestling Federation as The Funkster.
Lenny Lane Former WCW Wrestler. Currently wrestling in various Indy feds. Wrestles in NWA-TNA as Lenny; tags with Bruce
Lodi Former WCW Wrestler. Personal Trainer in Charlotte, NC, and some Indy wrestling
Macho Man Former WCW/WWF Wrestler RIP
Magnum T.A. Wrestled in the NWA. Currently head of Magnum Cellular Service in North Carolina.
Marty Janetty Former WCW/WWE Wrestler. Currently wrestles in the INDY circuit
Maven Former WWE Wrestler. Appears on HSN Today
Michael Hayes Former Fabulous Freebirds tag team member. Backstage work for the WWE.
Mideon Former WWF Wrestler Cook at Storman's palace in Largo FL
Nature Boy Buddy Landell Former NWA Wrestler Ran a Indy fed in NC, then retired.
Ole Anderson Former WCW Wrestler; 4 Horsemen Member. Currently running a lumber mill in Minnesota 
Patriot, The Former WWE Wrestler Car Salesmen in Columbia
Paul Rogers ?? ??
Reno Former WCW Wrestler. ??
Robert Gibson 1/2 of Rock & Roll Express Tag Team Occasionally wrestles in the Indy Circuit; tags with Ricky Morton.
RocK Hunter ?? ??
Ron Bass ?? ??
RVD Former ECW/WWE Wrestler Has his own Radio show & RVDTV online.
Savio Vega Former WWE Wrestler Currently runs the IWA; known as "The Boss"
Scott Hall Last seen in the WWE Was in the TNA, Currently in the Indy Circuit.
Scott Norton Wrestled in WCW; Was in the NWO Stable Currently wrestles in Japan.
Scotty Riggs Former WCW Wrestler. ??
Sean Waltman Former WCW(Syxx)/WWE(X-Pac)/TNA Wrestler. Currently wrestles for the AAA and NWA
Sick Boy Former WCW Wrestler. Wrestles using his Real name Scott Vick in OVW.
Stevie Ray Former WCW Wrestler Recently opened a Car Wash named Stevie Ray's Super Cars in the NW Houston Area
Ted Dibaise Former WCW/WWF Manager Currently a preacher with Heart of David Ministries based in Clifton, MS; owner of the Power Wrestling Alliance
Tommy "Wildfire" Rich Former WCW/AWA/NWA wrestler Currently wrestling in the Indy circuit.
Tony Atlas Former WWE/Indy Wrestler Manages Mark Henry in the WWE
Torrie Wilson Former WWE/WCW Wrestler Runs a Yoga Studio in Portland Oregon
Tully Blanchard Former WWF/NWA Wrestler Currently a Footbal Coach at the Charlotte Christian Academy in Charlotte N.C
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