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Here are all the Wrestling Definitions I could think of, if you know any others or have a better description just E-Mail me at

Word Definition
Angle  When a wrestler is involved in something with another, usually to promote the other wrestler such as The Rock vs Triple H
Blade  When a wrestler cuts himself to make him bleed.
Booker  The Person in charge of setting up Matches, Feuds, What actually happens
Bump  A wrestler absorbing a severe looking attack, usually in the form of a fall out of the ring or from a high place.
Card  Matches for a show, these are usually slightly changed at the time of the event.
Clean House  Wrestler that eliminates everyone, like in a battle Royal
Dark Match  A match that will not be aired on TV, usually done to warm up the crowd
DQ  Disqualification, usually by run-ins or outside objects
Face  A fan favorite Example- The Rock, or Hulk Hogan in the 80's
Feud  When 2 or more wrestlers go at it EX: The Rock vs. Triple H
Finisher  When a wrestler puts on his signature move
Gimmick  A wrestler who acts like someone they are not EX: Steve Austin being "Stone Cold" or Kane being the Undertaker's Brother
Gush  bleed
Heat  Response from Fans
Heel  A Bad Guy Example Triple H
House Show  Show that isn't aired on TV
Kayfabe  fake
Jabroni  Jobber
Job  When a wrestler loses a match that was staged, sometimes used to "Pay your Dues".
Jobber  A preliminary wrestler whom takes a fall to put another wrestler "over" in the fed
Juice  When a wrestler cuts himself to make him bleed.
Mark  Anyone who watches wrestling who totally believes anything that happens
Over  When your very popular or hated Example: Austin and The Rock .
Pop  Reactions from the crowd
Push  When a wrestler first becomes a big star Example like Rock/Triple H
Run In  Interference from someone not involved in the match
Screw job  Losing a match through outside interference or any means other than a clean pin fall or submission.
Sell  making a wrestling match look authentic or your opponent look good.
Shoot  When something happened that wasn't planned
Slobber knocker  a wild brawl
Work  A preplanned event that is presented as spontaneous.
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