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You are at>Information Section>WWF Unforgiven Pay Per View Results History
PPV Info PPV Results
PPV Name-IYH 21
Date - 4/26/98
Buyrate - 1.0
Attencance - 21,500
City - Greensboro, NC
Arena - Greensboro Coliseum
Purchase WWE Unforgiven '98 - In Your House(DVD)
Dude Love over Steve Austin by DQ
Undertaker over Kane in an Inferno match
Jeff Jarrett sang with Sawyer Brown
New Age Outlaws over LOD 2000 to retain the tag team titles
Luna over Sable in an evening gown match
Midnight Express over Rock/Roll Express
Hunter Hearst Helmsley over Owen Hart to retain the European title
Steve Blackman, Ken Shamrock/Faarooq over Rocky Mavia, D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry
PPV Name-Unforgiven 
Buyrate- 1.0
Attendance - 15,889
City - Charlotte, North Carolina
Arena - Charlotte Coliseum
Val Venis over Steve Blackman
D-Lo Brown over Mark Henry
Jeff Jarrett over Chyna(Decision was reversed)
Acolytes over Dudley Boyz
Ivory over Luna
New Age Outlaws over Edge/Christian
Al Snow over Big Bossman
X-Pac over Chris Jericho (DQ)
Triple H over The Rock, British Bulldog,Big Show,Kane in a Six Pack Match
PPV Name-Unforgiven 
Buyrate- 1.5
Attendance - 19,310
City - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arena - First Union Center
Rock over Undertaker, Kane, & Chris Benoit.
Triple H over Kurt Angle.
Eddie Gurrero over Rikishi.
Hardy Boyz over Edge & Christian.
Chris Jericho over X-Pac.
Steve Blackman won Hardcore Invitational.
Tazz Over Jerry Lawler.
RTC over Dudleys & Accolytes.
PPV Name-Unforgiven 
Buyrate- 0.82
Attendance - 13,855
City - Pittsburgh, PA
Arena - Mellon Area
Purchase WWE - Unforgiven 2001(DVD)
Dudley Boyz Over Storm/Hurricane Helms, Hardy Boys and Spike Dudley/Big Show
Perry Saturn over Raven
Christian over Edge
Undertaker/Kane over Kronik
Rob Van Dam over Chris Jericho
The Rock over Booker T
Rhyno over Tajiri
Kurt Angle over Steve Austin
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Date - 9/22/02
Buyrate - .75
Attendance - 16,000
City - LA, California
Arena - Staples Center
Purchase WWE - Unforgiven 2002(DVD)
Booker T, Goldust, Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Kane over the UnAmericans
Chris Jericho over Ric Flair
Eddie Guerrero over Edge
Rosey & Jamal over Billy/Chuck
Triple H over RVD
Trish Stratus over Molly Holly
Chris Benoit over Molly Holly
Brock Lesnar over The Undertaker
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Buyrate - Not in Yet
Attendance - 10,347
City - Hershey, PA
Arena - Giant Center
Purchase WWE - Unforgiven 2003(DVD)
Goldberg over Triple H for the World Title
Kane over Shane McMahon in a Last Man Standing Match
Randy Orton over Shawn Michaels
Coach/Al Snow over J.R. & Jerry Lawler
Christian over RVD & Jericho for the Intercontinental Title
Test over Scott Steiner
Trish/Lita defeated Molly/Gail Kim
Dudley Boyz over La Resistance/Rob Conway
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Date - 9/12/04
Buyrate - Not in Yet
Attendance - 8,313
City - Portland, OR
Arena - Rose Garden
Chris Benoit/William Regal over Batista/Ric Flair
Trish Stratus over Victoria for the Women's Title
Chris Jericho over Christian for the IC Title
HBK over Kane
La Resistance over Rhyno/Tajiri
Triple H over Randy Orton for the World Title
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Date - 9/18/05
Buyrate - .56
Attendance - 8,000
City - Oklahoma City, Ok
Arena - Ford Center
Ric Flair over Carlito Carribean Cool for the WWE IC Title
Trish Stratus/Ashley over Victoria/Torrie Wilson
Big Show over Gene Snitsky
Shelton Benjamin over Kerwin White
Matt Hardy over Edge in a Steel Cage match
Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch over Hurricane Helms/Rosey for the Tag Titless
Shawn Michaels over Chris Masters
John Cena/Kurt Angle ends in a no-contest
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Date - 9/17/06
Buyrate - .77
Attendance - 16,100
City - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Arena - Air Canada Centre
Johnny Nitro over Jeff Hardy for the IC Title
Umaga/Kane ended in a double count out
Spirit Squad over The Highlanders for the RAW Brand Tag Titles
DeGeneration X over The McMahons/The Big Show in a handicap Hell in the Cell
Trish Stratus over Lita for the Women's Title
Randy Orton over Carlito Carribean Cool
John Cena over Edge in a TLC match for the WWE RAW World Title
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Date - 9/16/07
Buyrate - .??
Attendance - ??
City - Memphis, Tennessee
Arena - FedEx Forum
C.M. Punk over Elijah Burke for the ECW World Title
Matt Hardy/M.V.P over Deuce & Domino for the WWE Tag Titles
Triple H over Carlito
andice Michelle over Beth Phoenix for the WWE Women's Title
Batista over Great Khali/Rey Mysterio for the WWE World Title
Cade/Murdoch over London/Kendrick for the WWE World Tag Titles
Randy Orton over John Cena for the WWE Championship VIA DQ
Undertaker over Mark Henry
PPV Name- Unforgiven 
Date - 9/07/08
Buyrate - .??
Attendance - ??
City - Cleveland, Ohio
Arena - Quicken Loans Arena
Matt Hardy over Mark Henry/The Miz/Chavo Guerrero/Finlay for the ECW World Title
Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase over Cryme Tyme for the World Tag Title
Shawn Michaels over Chris Jericho
Triple H overThe Brian Kendrick/MVP/Shelton Benjamin/Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship
Michelle McCool over Maryse for the WWE Divas Championship
Chris Jericho over Batista/Kane/JBL/Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title
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