(WWE) Michelle McCool's Wardrobe Malfunction + Lashley Update ----From the TWNP Archive

Headline Posted by Ryan Clark on 9:22:55 PM Aug 22, 2010

-- Kristal Marshall posted on Twitter on Saturday night... Please pray for bobby and our family we just got some very very scary news. Lashley was knocked out by Chad Griggs on Saturday's Strikeforce show in Houston. Kristal then just posted: Bobby got admitted he can't come home...it is very scary they r running lots of tests im Freaking out they r keeping me in the dark Kristal again updated her Twitter page this morning with "Bobby is coming home today, yay!" Lashley was kept over night for observation. Lashley was defeated Saturday night by Chad Griggs, ruining his MMA perfect record.

-- Paul Heyman tweeted on Bobby Lashley's fight Saturday night: "Tough loss for Bobby Lashley. Here's hoping he uses this as motivation like Brock Lesnar did after the loss to Frank Mir .. Lashley's loss makes the fight vs Dave "Batista" Bautista easy to sign for Scott Coker and Strikeforce."

-- Michelle McCool's wardrobe malfunction during Tuesday's live episode of NXT was edited off the show's Saturday night replays on Universal HD. A shot of the crowd was aired in its place. The multi-time champion's right breast briefly popped out of her dress while she was cheering Kaval's rap performance, resulting in the camera quickly panning away. Photos of the slip have surfaced online. You can click here to see some Michelle McCool see-through pants photos. Wow.

Michelle McCool's SEE-THROUGH Pants - OMG!!

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