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Headline Posted by Marc Middleton on 06:31:43 AM Feb 10, 2011

- John Cena, Eve Torres and The Miz took to Twitter yesterday and commented on WrestleMania 28 taking place from Miami, Florida:

Cena: "CeNation. WM28 has chosen to take its talents to south beach! Miami watchout. April 1, 2012.... here we come"

Miz: "Wrestlemania 28 is officially set for Miami. Wish I brought my isotoners for Dan Marino to sign."

Eve: "Just left the Wrestlemania XXVIII Press Conference. It's official, were going to MIAMI!!! But first, I have my sights set on ATL April 3rd!"

- Coming out of the Green Bay Packers publicity this week, WWE's top sellers on their website is the WWE Title replica and the World Heavyweight Title replica. They are priced at $322.15 and $243.95, respectively. WWE has the belts up for 15% off this week.

- Jim Ross noted this week that many former WCW employees will be having a private function in Atlanta, Georgia in late March to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the last WCW Monday Nitro broadcast. Ross said that he was invited, and wishes he could attend but did not say if he would be or not.

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