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Headline Posted by William Gardner on 10:03:13 AM May/31/2002

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Friday, May 31, 2002
Hosts: Kevin Kelly and Howard Finkel
Guest: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Report by: Kevin Gregg
WWE Byte This! Opener:

Byte This! kicked off with some footage from WWE Smackdown! when Kurt Angle went against Edge in a Steel Cage match.

Kevin Kelly and Howard Finkel kicked off the show as the hosts and Kevin acted as if he didn't know Howard was back and he referred to him as Tom Prichard until he realized it was Howard.

Howard said that there wasn't any Live Events tonight, so that's why he's here and Tom Prichard is in Louisville this week and they have a huge event at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and Mick Foley will be making an appearance as a special guest referee.

Tough Enough 2:

Kevin brought up Tough Enough 2 and there's a lot of controversy surrounding that due to the fact that there were two female winners.

Kevin said a lot of people are wondering if that's a good thing or not, but where does Howard stand? Howard said that he got a little bit emotional watching the farewell with the trainers and the contestants. To see the two girls win it shocked him a little bit, but that's the good thing about something like this. It's surprising.

Look at Chris Harvard, though... he's got a WWE Developmental contract now. A lot of people felt that Jake was probably going to win because of his look and everything, but he buried himself when he had the interview with Kevin Dunn and stated that he's a slow learner. Howard is thrilled for the girls, but now it's the tough part. Is it going to be Louisville or Cincinnati? When Maven and Nidia won it, they came through with flying colors and nothing is going to be handed to these new Tough Enough winners.

Kevin said that MTV has some input on Tough Enough, but now that Jackie and Linda won it, they are now under the WWE's control.

Kevin pointed out that Nidia has to be wondering when she's going to be brought up to TV and she'll have to worry about Jackie and Linda passing her and making it to TV before her.

Droz joins the show:

Kevin asked Droz what he thought when he saw that moron get in the ring during the ladder match? Droz said that he saw a bald head and he thought Austin and then he was thinking "what in the hell is this?"

They continued to talk about the incident and Kevin said that the WWE is going to beef up the security to avoid stuff like this.

They showed the footage from RAW when the fan ran into the ring and Howard disagreed with them showing it, but Kevin yelled "SHOW IT!" Kevin pointed out that having the footage of the fan works to your advantage against the offender.

Kevin asked Droz for his thoughts on Monday's show and Droz said that Benoit got a great ovation and everyone had to be happy to see him back on TV again. It's been a long time coming and the hometown fans were excited for him. Droz didn't have a thought in his mind at the end with him coming out and turning on Austin.

Howard asked Kevin what Benoit's status is? He's been drafted by Smackdown!, but the point was made on Smackdown! that until he's ready to return to the active roster, he can do whatever he wants. Kevin isn't sure if there was some kind of back door agreement made between Ric Flair and Mr. McMahon or what, but Austin is going to have to look over his shoulder for Eddie Guerrero one way and Chris Benoit the other way.

They switched gears to Tommy Dreamer and Droz said that he's seen things that are so nasty but watching Tommy Dreamer the other night, he almost puked. He can probably do something like that, but watching it is so nasty.

Droz said that Tough Enough 2 was a major swerve. Droz didn't really think about Jake's interview when he said that he was a slow learner. In an interview, you never want to tell somebody that you're a slow learner and it's going to take time. They don't want to hear that.

(Hey, at least he was honest, right?)

Droz said that she was shocked for Jackie because she toughed it out through her injury. That's something that's unbelievable to go through and she said she wasn't going to quit and she didn't but in all honesty, she's going to have to have knee surgery down the road.

Caller - Mike from Japan:

Mike spoke about the Cruiserweight Division and he asked Kevin and Howard who they think the evil is that's bothering the Hurricane? Kevin asked Mike if he has any thoughts and Kevin said that he's not sure, but he's got a feeling we're going to find out soon. This storyline is progressing in a very interesting fashion and a lot of the time, Kevin and Howard watch the shows just like the fans.

Howard asked Mike what they watch in Japan? Mike said they get RAW out there, but in Japan it's a couple months late. The way they get news is always by Byte This! or WWE.com. They loved it when The Rock and DDP came out to Japan to visit all the sailors and they saw them out in Yokohama for the Live Event.

Kevin asked Mike if he's in the Navy and Mike said that he is and he's ranked second. He's from Cincinnati, Ohio and he's been in the service for six years. He's in it for life. (20 years) It's 6am over there and Kevin thanked Mike for everything he does.

Out think the Fink:

Today's prize is the "Thug Superstar" T-shirt and it's still in the bag.

Today's guest is Stone Cold and in of Austin's earlier appearances in the former WWF, what was the name of the city where Austin 3:16 was born and the name of the building in which it was born. That happened at the 1996 King of the Ring and they are going to wrap up this week's edition of Byte This! where Austin 3:16 was born.

Tough Enough reunion special:

Tazz would be joining the show about now, but he's taping the Tough Enough reunion show that airs in June.

WWE Confidential:

Kevin previewed Confidential for tomorrow night and that'll feature a look at the career of the British Bulldog.

Howard commented on that show and he said that it's going to be a smash and he's glad that Gene Okerlund is back in the company. Confidential fits Mean Gene like a glove.

There will also be a look at Shawn Michaels on Confidential and we'll find out if he'll ever return to action here in the WWE.

Also a great line up on Velocity. The ratings were up for those shows for the first week and it'll be interesting to see if the numbers stay the same or go up.

Howard once again said that Confidential is a winner and Kevin said that Byte This! is one of the reasons that show like Confidential is on TV. Big Country thanked Kevin for giving his (B.C.'s) Byte This! all the credit. Kevin argued that saying that he's been with Byte This! since day one.

Caller from Vancouver, Canada:

The caller started off by playing heel on Canada and then he talked about what happened on RAW when the fan entered the ring.

The caller talked about Saskatoon last week and how Kurt Angle was unable to leave the arena. A lot of fans surrounded his car as he tried to leave. During the show, the people were fine and Lance Storm came out and did autographs and took pictures with people. People were cool with him but Kurt Angle couldn't get away.

The caller asked if Dawn Marie went to law school or something? Is she going to be Vince's personal bitch or something? Kevin said that she's a paralegal!

The caller then asked if we're going to see an Invasion angle before the King of the Ring so we can see RAW vs. Smackdown! guys? Kevin said he can't confirm this, but the rumor is that there will be qualifying matches on RAW and Smackdown! and when we get to the final 8 or whatever, there will be some from RAW and some from Smackdown! so we could have a RAW vs. Smackdown! King of the Ring final.

Chris Benoit:

They talked about the return of Chris Benoit and Howard compared Benoit's ovation to that of Hulk Hogan's in Montreal and almost Triple H's in the Garden for his return.

Caller - Mark from Illinois:

Mark asked Kevin and Howard what they think about the ratings lately? Kevin said that ratings go up and down. When people turn away, sometimes it takes them time to turn back. When people say that the shows haven't been all that good lately, you can look to the numbers and in this case the numbers don't lie but this past Monday's show was great. It does take a while for the ratings to show that the shows have been better and Kevin feels that it'll be another month before the ratings go back up to where they were a month ago.

Mark asked if there's something wrong with giving pay per view quality matches on free TV? Kevin said that hot shotting has a boomerang effect and it can cause the dip to go lower, but if you aren't giving away pay per view quality matches on a consistent basis, it's fine. Kevin thinks that the matches this past week on TV was a reward for the fans.

Howard brought up the 'squash matches' when the jobber went against the stars and when you get a cage match or a ladder match, it's novelty and it rewards the fans and the people that have gone away will be back ... word of mouth.

Caller - How is Rhyno doing?

Kevin said that he's further along than the doctors were expecting, but we're still looking for a November return for him. Anytime you have a surgery like that, it's almost always going to be a 12 month timetable before they return.

Howard asked Kevin about trades and Kevin said that he has no problem with something like that. Howard asked for some ideas on some trades. The caller said that he thinks Stone Cold for Benoit would be a pretty good trade. They can do the Four Horsemen with Eddie Guerrero, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit.

Kevin said that if he's Mr. McMahon, he's looking for some more veteran leadership and if he's Ric Flair, he's looking for sizzle. If he's Ric Flair, he might try to get a Randy Orton and sacrifice a veteran talent.

Stone Cold joins the show:

Stone Cold's music interrupted Kevin and Howard and Stone Cold joined the show. Stone Cold said it's hot as hell in Texas. He's got the air on, but he's still sweating.

Kevin talked about a match between Austin and Chris Benoit and Austin is glad that Benoit made it back, but it's too bad he had to make it back to his hometown and then club Stone Cold in the back. That's where he screws up. Austin hopes that his neck is at 100% because if it's not, he's not going to wrestle again. Austin also has a problem with Eddie Guerrero. Messing with Stone Cold Steve Austin is something he doesn't need to do.

Kevin brought up the Internet rumors that say that Stone Cold is unhappy with the company (Kevin tried to put it over as if the rumors were b.s.) and Austin said the bottom line is that everything sucks. He's not happy with the direction he or the company is going. The writing has been piss poor and he thinks it can be a hell of a lot better but it's been pretty shitty. He hasn't been happy since before Wrestlemania. Kevin asked Austin if he thinks there's movements or progress that'll be made to improve things? Austin said who knows. He's still happy to be a part of the WWE, but creative could be a hell of a lot better than it is.

Kevin asked Austin about the split and Austin said that they could have done without the actual split. Just have guys focus on one show but allow them to cross over. Austin hopes that the split works, because the pressure is down since he only has to work one show. We'll see what happens.

Kevin brought up the fact that a fan jumped into the ring on RAW. Kevin asked Austin if they are wrong for talking about it? Austin said people have been jumping in the rings since day one, it seems. Every now and then you are going to have someone jump in the ring, on the baseball or football field or whatever. Eddie could have been hurt real bad and he wouldn't want to see that happen. They are pretty hands on and they do have the security. Fans are fans and that's the way it is.

Kevin asked Austin for his thoughts on Brock Lesnar? Austin said physically, he's got a good look and a presence about him. His background as an athlete speaks for himself and at his age, he's real far along. He's going to have to develop some personality and charisma and that'll definitely come. Brock is a blue chipper but the 'next big thing' gimmick is pretty lame because it puts extra pressure on him. Austin said that he was a big Cowboy Bob Orton, Jr. fan and Randy is going to be a hell of a talent, just like Brock.

Kevin brought up the birth of Austin 3:16 and Austin said it was a turning point and a part of the success of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Howard brought up the "What?" gimmick and Austin said that he called Christian and did it to him as a rib, but then he found that he had something here. He never would have thought it would have turned into what it did and it's changed his promos in the ring. Sometimes he likes that and sometimes he doesn't but you can't argue with success. The "What?" thing is a blast and we'll see how long that'll stay around.

Kevin asked Austin who he thinks is going to win, Tyson or Lewis? Austin said he doesn't know, it can go either way. Austin is pulling for Tyson to knock Lewis out.

Caller - Who would Austin want to fight?

Austin said that's a hell of a question. He can't really answer that. In the past, one of his favorites was always Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat but he would like to go at it again with The Rock.

Caller - Austin's autobiography:

The caller asked Austin what happened to that and Austin was supposed to be one of the first guys doing that, but he doesn't know if he'd have the attention span to write a damn book. When Mick Foley wrote his book, he remembers everything like it happened yesterday but Austin can't remember what happened three months ago. Maybe he'll come out with one someday, but maybe he's too lazy. We'll see.

Kevin brought up the "What?" home video and Austin hasn't had the chance to see the whole thing and Kevin brought up the fact that now that they own WCW, they included some footage from the Hollywood Blondes. Austin said that video was supposed to answer a lot of questions as to why he does the things he does and covering the fact that he has a lot of injuries. Austin was happy with the video, but from a shoot aspect it didn't cover or answer as many questions as he originally designed it to. As far as going back to the footage, they showed one of the worst matches that he had with Ricky Steamboat because he's had some better ones.

Howard asked Stone Cold if he has any thoughts on doing anything beyond the squared circle? Austin said he doesn't know because the WWE schedule is so busy. After his neck surgery, he told Vince that he doesn't want any outside projects. He just wanted to stay in the wrestling but if the time is right, he'll do something. He has a blast working with the WWE but he doesn't know how much longer his body will last. Maybe when he decides to hang them up, more opportunities will come his way. Who knows.

Kevin brought up Lita's injury and she hurt her neck doing that show and he recommended she go see Dr. Lloyd Youngblood. He's the best and Lita is a great talent and she hasn't had any serious injuries before so it got her scared. She was so tough when she busted her neck, she didn't even go to the hospital and she went to a house show and had her arm stuck in her shirt because she couldn't lift her arm. Austin told Lita to see Dr. Lloyd Youngblood and she did. Austin respects the Hardys and he likes Lita a whole lot. It was a pleasure for him to help out her, Benoit and the other guys as well.

Out think the Fink:

The answer to the Out Think the Fink question was: Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Mecca Arena.

Plane ride from hell:

Kevin brought up the plane ride from hell and he asked him for his perspective. Austin said it's a bunch of bullshit. When you have guys on a plane acting like a bunch of jackasses, there's no reason for it. Austin was up there sleeping and it was on a private plane and there's no excuse for anything like that. It's pathetic and piss poor and the guys ought to be embarrassed of themselves.

They wrapped it up with Stone Cold Steve Austin on Byte This! and they hope to have him back on the show in the near future. Kevin put over Austin's honesty as refreshing.

Caller - Creative Team:

The caller asked Kevin and Howard if they were the Creative Team, how would they write the Rattlesnake's storylines?

B.C. interrupted asking why Vallo called him 'gay' and Kevin yelled at Big Country for that. The hosts totally ignored the caller's question.

Big Country talked about the last time Byte This! went in a different way than expected was in 1999 and that was the first time he produced the show. Shawn Michaels was the guest on the show and he had some remarks that the company didn't seem to like.

Wrappin' up Byte This!:

They wrapped up this week's edition of WWE Byte This! and the show ended with a class clip which was the birth of Austin 3:16 from the 1996 King of the Ring!

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