BREAKING NEWS: Steve Austin Pleads No Contest

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Headline Posted by Brad Lee on 1:58:48 PM Nov/25/2002

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Steve Austin pleaded no contest to domestic abuse today in a San Antonio courtroom. Here are two articles on the story; first from the San Antonio Express News, found originally here:

Wrestler Austin pleads no contest to beating wife
By Manny Gonzales
Express-News Staff Writer

Hoping to put his legal and marriage woes behind him, 38-year-old professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin pleaded no contest today to a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault and agreed to undergo family violence classes.

Austin also left open the possibility of returning to the ring.

The 6-foot-2, 260-pound mound of muscle, whose real name is Steve Williams was facing up to a year in jail stemming from a fight with his wife, Debra Gale Williams, in which he hit her with his hands, leaving a noticeable welt on the side of her face.

His attorney, Van Hilley, arranged a plea agreement with the Bexar County district attorney's office that will allow the professional wrestler to serve a year of probation with the conditions that he complete the family violence courses and not physically or verbally abuse his wife again.

“I've got problems just like anyone else,” he said, walking out of County Court-at-Law Judge Bill White's courtroom. “I don't think anyone is perfect. Whether you call me Stone Cold Steve Austin, Steve Williams or whatever, I'm not perfect either. I have good days and bad days.”

Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Scott Simpson said the punishment was adequate in this case because Austin has no criminal record or documented history of abuse.

“Most defendants are going to plead out when they know you have the facts to prevail in a case like this,” Simpson said. “From the beginning he wanted to take responsibility.”

Austin, who had a falling out with World Wrestling Entertainment at about the same time as the fight with his wife, said he's been training every day and is in shape for a return to the ring. But he wouldn't say if he would try to return to the WWE, the dominant force in the professional wrestling industry.

His days in criminal court are over, Austin said.

"Don't count on me being back,” he said.


From AP/Yahoo News, found originally here:

Austin Pleads No Contest to Assault
SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin pleaded no contest Monday to a charge that he hit his wife last summer.

Austin was charged with misdemeanor assault. He was sentenced to a $1,000 fine and one-year probation, domestic violence counseling and 80 hours of community service.

If he satisfies probation, which includes no injurious contact with his wife, the matter will be taken off his record.

The 6-foot-2, 260-pound wrestler's real name is Steve Williams.