WWE RAW Report 6/23/03

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  Headline Posted by TV Show Reports on 01:54:20 AM Jun/24/2003
Report by Angel
RAW from Madison Square Garden: What’s up with Kane!

Scott Steiner w/Stacy & Booker T vs. Test and Christian. Test pins Steiner with a big boot.

Kane backstage is staring in the mirror. Flashback to 10/97 when Kane tombstone piledrived the Undertaker.

WWE.com poll-What will be the result of tonight’s main event?

Chris Nowinski w/T. Long vs. Maven. Maven pins Nowinski very quickly with a roll-up.

We see Evolution arriving earlier tonight at the arena.

Highlight Reel: Jericho puts NYC down for a few minutes then goes to last weeks RAW when Austin told Lance Storm he was boring. He calls Austin a bully and something else that got bleeped. Jericho introduces his guest, Lance Storm. Lance reads a prepared statement. During the reading of the statement staff start taking down the set. Austin comes on the Titantron and says they’re boring MSG so he had to do something. He calls Jericho a bitch and says he was trying to give Lance a motivational speech last week. Then he makes a match with Jericho and Lance Storm vs. The Dudley’s. D-von pins Lance after a 3-D.

Flashback to Kane 5 months ago on RAW when Batista ripped off his mask. Backstage Kane is pacing.

Randy Orton and Ric Flair discuss Mick’s new book and Triple H’s match.

La Resistance comes out and sings the French National anthem very badly to a commercial.

La Resistance vs. Hurricane & Sgt. Slaughter. The Sarge gets knocked out with a title belt and La Resistance wins.

Kane in the mirror again. Flashback to Austin’s motivational speech to Kane 3 weeks ago on RAW.

Austin comes to the ring. He congratulates NYC for the return of Wrestlemania this March. Then he talks about having Mick Foley as the special ref at Bad Blood and calls him to the ring. Austin says he’s got something for him and RVD, The Dudley’s, Tommy Dreamer, Spike, and Al Snow come out with the Hardcore Belt. Footage is shown of Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love. Austin presents Mick with the belt. Vince interrupts the ceremony. He says the last time they met Foley said he would never set foot in a WWE ring again but he’s a businessman and wants to say what everyone is thinking…thank you. Mick hugs him and messes up his hair. Mick gets emotional and says it’s been a thrill for him and there’s no place like home. Then he quotes Frosty the Snowman…I’ll be back again someday.

Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair & Randy Orton. Michaels pins Flair via Sweet Chin Music.

Footage is shown from RAW last Monday when Triple H invited Kane to join Evolution and Austin offered the match for the title.

WWE.com vote, 56% predict Kane will win.

In the back Mick is autographing a book for Vince when he makes a comment to Flair and they jump him. Vince calls for a janitor when they’re done.

Rodney Mack w/T. Long vs. Goldberg for the 5 minute whiteboy challenge. Goldberg wins in 26 seconds.

In the back RVD tells Kane to kick some ass. Kane breaks the mirror on his way out.

Kane vs. Triple H w/Ric Flair. Triple H pins Kane with help from the rest of Evolution. Before Kane can unmask Evolution jumps him and RVD comes out for the save. He takes the mask off and chokeslams RVD.

Until next time, Angel

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